A newcomer’s first impressions of Croydon

Posted on June 11th, by Myra Rademacher in Culture. 3 comments

The borough’s identity through the eyes of an outsider

Identity has always been crucial to people and places. Formal identification is needed for individuals to travel, pay for goods and even to rent a library book. Places like airports and docks have names or codes that distinguish their locations from others. These are all very practical, mechanical aspects of the word.

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Some new year resolutions for Croydon

Posted on January 4th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Don’t buy new trainers just yet – Jonny Rose suggests alternative new year resolutions

I don’t normally go in for new years resolutions. They’re onerous, rarely realised, and – with their implicit suggestion that all you need to do be a better person is try harder – are anti-thetical to all that I believe.

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Regaining the lost art of being neighbourly in Croydon

Posted on June 15th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Jonny Rose has some suggestions for you and your nearest

Do you like your neighbours? Do you even know your neighbours?

I do – but then, I’ve had the luxury (and lack of imagination) to live in the same street for over twenty years. Others haven’t been so lucky.

The breakdown of neighbourliness

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Social network bringing community together

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A social network called Streetlife is helping people in Croydon to organise events, raise awareness and make new friends. It aims to build stronger communities and has 2,500 locals signed up.

Release begins: Croydon residents are taking to a fast-growing social network that enables local people to connect and share with one another.

More than 2,500 locals have signed up to Streetlife, the social network for … Read More »