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We were the first band to vomit in the bar

Posted on November 16th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 1 Comment

Like it or loathe it, the punk movement of the 1970s is a major part of Croydon’s cultural heritage

I don’t like punk rock, never have done and never will. It’s one of the few musical genres that I’ve lived through and was of an age to be involved in but I didn’t get it.

‘Musicians’ with pantomime names like Sid Vicious and Jonny Rotten and … Read More »

Croydon: a historic musical mecca

Posted on November 5th, by Francesca Baker in Culture, History. 2 comments

Francesca Baker takes us on a tour of Croydon’s diverse musical heritage, from the Beatles to dubstep producer Skream

A few miles down the road, in nearby Peckham, there is something of a musical renaissance happening. Billed as the new Dalston, the area which is famed more for Delboy than chords and choruses, is bubbling with musical talent, a burgeoning club culture and pop-up gigs … Read More »

Croydon HeartWorks and Mindfulness

Posted on September 20th, by John Lawlor in Culture. 3 comments

John Lawlor introduces the neuroscientific and Buddhist concepts behind the upcoming Croydon HeartWorks events at Matthews Yard

Croydon HeartWorks starts up at Matthews Yard on September 24th at 7:30PM. This is curtain up for a project which has been in development since February.

The idea behind the project is: ‘How can we tell people about mindfulness in an entertaining way?’ We see … Read More »