Croydon’s architecture: the beautiful and the damned

Posted on July 2nd, by Emma Duchat in Culture. 1 Comment

Enjoying the buildings that form a backdrop to our CR0 life

Ah, Croydon. Where else can such a wonderful collection of post-war architecture be found in such a compact area? Right out of East Croydon train station, the 50p (or threepenny bit, as it was known in a previous life) building presides over the area in all its hexagonal glory. Or maybe it’s octagonal. It’s definitely polygonal, … Read More »

The ‘cool kids’ are taking a shine to Croydon again

Posted on September 6th, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. No Comments

The Citizen’s Editor-in-Chief and founder of Croydon Tours takes a sceptical look at Croydon’s newfound trendiness

There actually being a Croydon National Trust guidebook, it is safe to say, would be a dream come true for me. One of the things that I enjoy boring my friends, media pundits, fellow editors, writers, and just about anyone that will listen with is that Croydon is a lot more … Read More »

Our modern heritage: why Croydon’s concrete architecture should be admired

Posted on June 11th, by Tom Lickley in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

As Croydon’s Heritage Festival approaches, Tom Lickley looks at a different kind of historic building – those made from concrete. How can our soaring modernist towers contribute to the town’s future?

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”

“Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless.”

“When we build, let us think … Read More »

Come fly with Croydon: How the expansion of Gatwick Airport may affect Croydon’s future

Posted on May 16th, by Tom Lickley in Economics & Business. 8 comments

The potential addition of a second runway to Gatwick Airport, less than twenty miles from the centre of Croydon, could have far reaching economic effects

Next year, a decision will be made which could have considerable effects for the London Borough of Croydon and its town centre. Yes, the battle between Dave and co. will demand our undivided attention for the first few months of … Read More »

Economic confidence returns to Croydon. Thanks, technology sector.

Posted on March 14th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City, Opinion. No Comments

Jonny Rose reports on how technology in Croydon is leading the economic recovery

Two new reports released on Friday

In case you didn’t see the nifty council-authored press release last week, it is now official that Croydon has “the fastest growing technology cluster” with Croydon Tech City’s startup cluster achieving 23% growth since 2011, higher than London (17.1%) and the UK (11.3%) averages over this period. (ONS: … Read More »