What was decided at last month’s Croydon Congress

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Councillor Hamida Ali reports on a well-attended meeting to shape Croydon’s economic and cultural future

Last month Croydon College was host to Croydon Congress – a bi-annual assembly where leaders across business, voluntary and public sectors in the borough come together to discuss common issues. Previous topics have included social isolation, child sexual exploitation and domestic and sexual violence and galvanised people to take action. The purpose … Read More »

Three reasons why Croydon’s naysayers won’t be satisfied anytime soon

Posted on November 14th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 5 comments

A night-time economy, housing for all, or flourishing business: you can only have one, choose wisely

Despite the breathy promises of billboard advertisements, unscrupulous life coaches, and personal development books, you can’t have it all.

The same goes for Croydon. The borough is indisputably on the up: it has become a much more exciting and vibrant place to live in the past few years. … Read More »

South of the flyover

Posted on October 24th, by Cassie Whittell in Culture. 2 comments

Memories and meaning in South End

Pizza Express on South End: that’s where I became an adult. I was there with one of my oldest friends, on a wet Wednesday in October, and she told me she was divorcing her husband. Wow, I thought. This is where it begins. We’re grown-ups now. The cars whizzed by outside, heading down to Brighton Road. The street lights … Read More »

Behind the scenes with Croydon’s disability DJs

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Catherine Payne gets the lowdown on Croydon’s friendliest club night

On 27th June, the Bad Apple nightclub hosted an evening of drinking, dancing and DJing. Yet this was not your regular drunken foray from Croydon’s many seasoned (and sauced) clubbers. In fact, this was a Monday night; which meant that it was Club Soda’s time to party. Club Soda is Croydon’s own pioneering not-for-profit arts organisation. It provides … Read More »

Print archive: September 2015 – Dormitory town?

Posted on September 30th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The spectre of being nothing more than a home for commuters haunted Croydon in this bumper edition of the Citizen

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Before sunrise: a new dawn for Croydon’s night-time economy?

Posted on May 20th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. 2 comments

Lauren Furey calls for a nightclub resurrection

The election is over and Gavin Barwell retained his seat as MP for Croydon Central – just. In the grand scheme of things, it means that we’re not likely to see any drastic changes as we continue in the same vein.

The modern developments will continue to flourish and transform Croydon’s landscape. Businesses will open and others will surely … Read More »

Black Sheep Bar closure: Does Croydon need clubbing or housing?

Posted on November 25th, by Tom Lickley in Economics & Business. 4 comments

With the recent closure of Croydon’s alternative nightclub, the town needs to avoid alienating its youth for the sake of residential development

For anyone with the vaguest interest in Croydon’s culture, nightlife or music scene, the abrupt closure of Black Sheep Bar on Monday 18th November would have come as a shock, and for many, a sad loss to what is becoming an increasingly limited … Read More »

Are Croydon’s nightclubs offering enough variety? An open letter to investors

Posted on October 18th, by Tom Lickley in Culture. 5 comments

Are you a nightclub developer looking for low rents but a big, young demography looking for something different? Tom Lickley has your solution…

To Whom It May Concern,

You’ve heard of Croydon. Most likely for the wrong reasons. Riots, dull urban environment, etc., the usual clichés. A town with too tarnished a reputation to be considered a safe bet, but too far from Central … Read More »