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#mumlife: things to do with Croydon’s youngest citizens this summer

Posted on June 6th, by Rachael Cox in Culture. No Comments

Come rain or shine, there’s a lot of fun ahead for the youngest Croydonians

In my #mumlife columns for the Citizen, I report on my experiences as a first-time mum in Croydon. My daughter was born last September, so this is her first summer and I’ve been finding out about places we can go and things we can do as a family.

1. Music Time Big … Read More »

Six of the best beer gardens in Croydon

Posted on May 23rd, by Cassie Whittell in Culture. No Comments

Summer’s almost here. Where to go for a glass of something cool – in the open air?

There’s something decadent about drinking a pint, or a glass of wine, or a J20, in the sun, isn’t there? It’s one of life’s small pleasures, that glorious feeling of warmth on your arms, a cold glass in your hand, and the sense that even if it’s just for one … Read More »

Croydon and the battle to be London Borough of Culture

Posted on February 28th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. 1 Comment

We didn’t win, but we’ve plenty to be proud of

So, Croydon did not win the title of London’s first Borough of Culture. But we can most definitely hold our heads high with the sense of pride and honour that comes from having fought the good fight.

Croydon has changed dramatically in recent years. In fact, it’s the reason that Croydon made a bid for London … Read More »

Why I’m backing Croydon’s bid to be London’s first Borough of Culture

Posted on December 6th, by Martin Leay in Culture. No Comments

All the low-down on the borough’s bid, supported by the Citizen as a proud local media partner

David Bowie famously used the word ‘Croydon’ as an insult. “God, it’s so f**king Croydon”, he would say.

Well, Bowie was no stranger to cultural re-invention and if he were still alive today, it wouldn’t take much to convince him that Croydon is ch-ch-ch-ch-changing. In fact, as … Read More »

Event review: Will Pound and Eddy Jay at The Oval Tavern, Tuesday 2nd November

Posted on November 17th, by Papa Delta in Culture. No Comments

A sonic tour around the world and across genres, courtesy of two master musicians

Will Pound is no stranger to the Oval Tavern, having played solo here last year with his numerous harmonicas. For this gig, hosted by the Oval, along with The Ukulele & Other Machines, Will teamed up with Eddy Jay, a master accordionist. The duo treated the audience to a musical evening that traversed … Read More »

Event review: Sieben and the Silver Darlings at the Oval, Saturday 4th February

Posted on February 22nd, by Kasper Seward in Culture. No Comments

A night of music and real ale-soaked creativity at one of Croydon’s most authentic venues

It was with keen anticipation of another heady, boozy, real-ale-soaked night of musical creativity and exploration that my partner and I caught the overground into darkest West Croydon station on a drizzly damp February Saturday evening.

The signs were good that we were in for a night of some unique and … Read More »

Event Review: Faustus at the Oval Tavern, Tuesday 18th October 2016

Posted on December 14th, by Anne Giles in Culture. No Comments

A fine evening of new material from folk moguls, Faustus

My husband Steve and I went along to the Oval Tavern in Croydon a few days ago to see the trio Faustus, who are three of folk music’s leading lights of their generation. Benji Kirkpatrick was at the Oval Tavern in February with his set, ‘Bendrix‘, which I reviewed in the Citizen at the time. Paul … Read More »

How we helped Croydon’s children to celebrate bees

Posted on September 13th, by Jenny Lockyer in Culture. No Comments

Jenny Lockyer spends a week helping Croydon’s children to have a bee bonanza

The Oval Tavern garden nestles snugly between the playing field of Ark Oval school and the houses on Oval Road. Walk near to the pub on a warm summer’s evening and you are likely to hear the strumming of an acoustic guitar or the relaxed murmur of conversations, clinking glasses and general pub life … Read More »

Love Croydon, hate gluten? Here’s where to eat

Posted on August 18th, by Andy Ellis in Culture. 1 Comment

Andy Ellis’s essential guide to coeliac Croydon

Let’s begin with a few words about gluten. It is a mix of proteins found in wheat, rye, oats and barley and, by extension, common foods such as bread, cakes and beer. It also finds its way into numerous processed and packaged items. To avert a common misconception, gluten does not occur in corn, maize, rice, buckwheat or nuts.

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Event review: Radfest at the Oval Tavern, Saturday 16th July

Posted on July 26th, by Rob Preston in Culture. 1 Comment

Heat, all day drinking, funky sets and sublime guitar… Rob Preston on a day and night in the Oval garden

Radfest returned for its second year on Saturday July 16th and saw a dozen or so bands play all day and into the night at the Oval, close to East Croydon station, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer via a £10 entry, raffle money, t-shirt sales and … Read More »