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Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Parabolic Theatre’s Land of Nod

Posted on May 22nd, by Rekha Shane in Culture. No Comments

Walking the mean streets of Croydon in this immersive theatrical world

A dead body in a back alley, a man on the run, a drug ring with links to the occult… welcome to Land of Nod.

This is a two-hour immersive theatre production by Parabolic Theatre for the Croydonites Festival 2018. The audience plays members of the press (no journalistic experience required), … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2018 review: Land of Nod by Parabolic Theatre

Posted on May 18th, by Eleanor Appleton in Culture. No Comments

Parabolic Theatre’s latest piece of dramatic immersion is dark, complex and leaves you wanting more

This is not the Land of Nod that you slip into after an over-indulgent Sunday roast on the sofa in front of Antiques Roadshow, or the sort that sees you through the night in your comfy bed after a long, hard day at work. Far from it. This is a dark and immersive Land … Read More »

Croydonites Festival 2018: a broad and confident church

Posted on April 6th, by Anna Arthur in Culture. No Comments

Some of the challenging, exciting and adventurous theatre productions coming to Croydon in April and May 2018

Croydonites Festival is returning with its third edition of contemporary theatre and performance; ten programmes of work showcase twelve artists (seven of them local) over four weekends. We’ve come a long way since 2015, when four artists made up the programme; and I like to think that we’re reflecting a … Read More »

Event review: Keep Calm And Carry On, by Parabolic Theatre

Posted on December 12th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 1 Comment

An invasion force is on British soil. Our nation is in peril. YOU must decide what to do

Accompanied by an eminent military historian and his (also my) two sons, one studying history at A level and the other set on doing so, I went to see Parabolic Theatre’s latest production on Friday 8th December at the COLAB Factory near London Bridge.

Parabolic is a Croydon-based company … Read More »

Event review: Morningstar, at the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre 2017

Posted on March 20th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 2 comments

I’d like to tell you why I enjoyed this show so much, but I’m under surveillance

I can’t say much about Morningstar, because I am being watched. It’s because of an… event that I took part in last Thursday night, on the opening day of the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre. It might be more accurate to call it a… happening. I know what the staff who … Read More »

Croydon’s cultural innovators

Posted on February 24th, by Tom Black in Culture. No Comments

Croydon’s artists are pushing boundaries as much as their counterparts in business

Croydon’s innovating. Even the haters have admitted it at this point. The borough has now got more tech hubs than it has branches of Wimpy, you can buy Korean fried chicken from a shipping container, and now we even have a high-tech car park not unlike the one at the end of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. … Read More »

Croydon youth invited to participate in new theatre project this summer

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Croydon’s first immersive drama company will launch this summer as Parabolic Theatre unveils a new programme for 10-18 year olds.

Release begins: Over the last few years Croydon’s arts scene has suffered some ruthless blows. Firstly with the closure of the Town Hall’s Braithwaite Theatre and David Lean cinema, and then the death of the long standing Warehouse Theatre. The only live theatre venue left was the Fairfield … Read More »