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Where Croydon stands after the Grenfell Tower investigation

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The tragedy at the Grenfell Tower in June has pushed boroughs across London to re-evaluate fire safety

Croydon’s council was quick to review the fire conditions of its own housing blocks after news spread of malpractice at Grenfell Tower. After its review of thirty-nine council blocks, the council deemed that the cladding used is fire retardant and good quality.

“Our cladding is 3mm thick aluminium panelling, … Read More »

Print Archive: September 2015 print edition – Dormitory town?

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Do permitted development rights mean Croydon risks becoming a dead space during the day? This and more were explored in our September 2015 edition

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How many flats can fit into Croydon town centre?

Posted on September 28th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. No Comments

Sean Creighton on shishas, central Croydon’s housing and the fight for oversight

A prestige shisha bar with pool is proposed for the roof top of one of the towers in a two block scheme on the Croydon College car park site. The scheme is backed by the owner of Aroma Shisha on the site of the old Royal Oak pub, Brighton Road, South Croydon.

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