More thoughts on tackling gangs and knife crime in Croydon

Posted on June 21st, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

What else can we do to try to prevent this deadly culture from getting worse?

Sadly, Croydon did not elect a Conservative-led council on 3rd May. Whether the Labour-led council takes up the idea of consulting a panel of experts to advise on tackling knife crime remains to be seen. Just in case they don’t, let’s develop the argument beyond my previous article, which was couched largely … Read More »

How I took over Croydon’s police service for a day

Posted on December 9th, by Rufus Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

What happened when Croydon’s young people stepped up into positions of responsibility?

On Friday 24th November, I was one of sixty-eight young people who took part in the Croydon Youth Takeover Challenge. The aim of this new initiative was to grant our borough’s youth the opportunity to play a part in running Croydon for the day. Job roles to be taken over included those in Croydon Police, the … Read More »

Perception versus punishment? Croydon’s new crime plan

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Revisiting the Police and Crime Plan

We are being consulted (again). This time it’s the Police and Crime Plan, which the mayor must produce to explain how the police and related agencies will work together to reduce crime. A figure in the report shows central Croydon to be one of the worst areas for certain crimes, and home to the perpetrators too, so we should be particularly … Read More »

Getting to grips with crime in Croydon

Posted on December 22nd, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Is Croydon really less safe than other boroughs?

Get a bad reputation and you’ll soon find that shaking it off is a serious challenge. And let’s be honest, Croydon’s reputation isn’t the best.

Once you’re painted with that brush, bad news gets a ‘typical-Croydon’ response, whereas good news gets brushed aside, discounted, especially by those who have never darkened a Croydon doorstep. Turn things around, get … Read More »

Why worry about Croydon town centre’s night-time economy?

Posted on February 15th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton sheds some light on Croydon’s after-dark scene

Following previous closures of venues such as Yates and the Black Sheep, the news of the closure of the 2,500 capacity Tiger Tiger nightclub has shocked people into action about the state of the town centre’s night-time economy.

A Tiger Tiger spokesperson said: “It’s been a long time coming. Footfall in Croydon has gone down … Read More »

February in brief

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As this month’s Croydon Citizen news magazine hits the streets of Croydon, we summarise the biggest news stories from last month

St George’s Walk becomes curated zone for street art

RISE Gallery’s Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison invited artists from Femme Fierce, an all-female collective, to paint murals across shutters and disused shopfronts in the dilapidated shopping mall. On 15th February, a day of public … Read More »

Pop-up shop in Croydon cons customers

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Shoppers are being warned to beware of rogue traders who set up a shop in North End high street and claimed to be selling high end electronic goods. The dealers promised low prices for top brands such as Apple, LG, Sony and Bose. Customers came away with cheap unbranded items, perfume or watches.

Release begins: Shoppers in the town and district centres are being warned by Croydon’s … Read More »

Riot From Wrong left me desperately seeking insight

Posted on October 10th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Liz Sheppard-Jones listened to a disappointing debate following the West Croydon screening of ‘Riot From Wrong’

As they left Croydon Voluntary Action centre, I hope some of them looked across London Road. On the other side, perhaps 50m away, is Broad Green Sure Start. Sure Start is an initiative launched in 1998 by then Chancellor of the Exchequer Brown to give children the best possible start in … Read More »

Review: Riot or Wrong?

Posted on October 1st, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 3 comments

Liz Sheppard-Jones searches for connections at the West Croydon screening of a well-made and important film

‘Riot from Wrong’ is a film made by Fully Focussed. The showing, put on by Croydon Xpress at 4.30pm on Friday September 20th at the Croydon Voluntary Action Centre on Broad Green’s London Road was the film’s 77th screening. It’s been shown in the House of Commons, around the country … Read More »