28 London Road: First Choice Bakers

Posted on November 22nd, by Kake in History. 2 comments

Kake’s tour of London Road takes in the Caribbean bakery at number 28, previously home to Express Dairies and Dr Scholls.

28 London Road is the home of First Choice Bakers, self-described as “producers & suppliers of the finest quality Jamaican patties, English & Caribbean breads, buns, confectionary & other specialties”.

First Choice Bakers, 28 London Road, December 2011. Photo: author’s own.

28 London Road was constructed, along with numbers 30–34, … Read More »

Whatever’s happening, it ain’t gentrification

Posted on October 15th, by Susan Oliver in Politics & Society. 12 comments

Susan Oliver wonders whether those embroiled in whole Croydon gentrification debate actually know what real gentrification looks like

I guess I’m a Croydon gentrification denier.

To my mind, gentrification works something like this:

You have an empty warehouse or a part of a city that has been neglected for years.

One day, you walk by and see that a bunch of artists … Read More »