Breaking of fast brings diverse cultures together

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Traditions of Ramadan strengthen community ties

On the evening of Tuesday 30th May, a heartwarming event was held in central Croydon. A large meal called iftar was prepared to observe the tradition of Ramadan and to bring the people of Croydon together. At a time when a few individuals seek to show that extremist violence and hatred exists in the UK, Croydon’s local community provided love, acceptance … Read More »

400 young Croydonians take part in UK’s largest sit-down meal and Islamic rally

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5,000 young Muslim men have descended on the Surrey countryside this weekend for the largest sit-down meal in the UK ahead of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Release begins: Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) have come together from every part of the UK for three days, at a rally aimed at educating youngsters about the true and peaceful message of Islam, societal unity and loyalty to their … Read More »

Should we pity London Road?

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Accused of giving the West Croydon Carnival of Cultures a ‘pity review’ in an article about festivals, Broad Green resident Liz Sheppard-Jones pleads guilty as charged

These are the words which led me to be accused on social media of writing ‘a pity review’ of the West Croydon Carnival of Cultures.

So – do I pity London Road?

Yes, I do. But first, let’s … Read More »