Surrey Street treats: healthy January salad

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Worried that a salad won’t warm you up in winter? Here’s a healthy suggestion from Surrey Street market

I know that salads normally make you think of fresh greens and summer, but there are ways to eat fresh and raw and still keep warm in winter. If you’re looking to get healthier after a surfeit of rich Christmas food but still want to fill up on cold … Read More »

Surrey Street Christmas: It’s all about the trimmings

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What goes with turkey? Some seasonal suggestions from historic Surrey Street market

Christmas time is here and that means that it’s time for lots of food. When people think of the big day, they think of turkey first, and we’re surrounded by suggestions on how to get the best out of our bird. What goes along with it can all get a bit … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: Honey mangorita

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Combine Surrey Street Market’s exotic Ataúlfo mangoes with a couple of shots from the drinks cabinet to give your margarita a twist

The honey mango, or Ataúlfo mango, is smaller and much richer than the typical mango that we’re used to seeing on Surrey Street.

Right now these honey mangoes can be found on many stalls in the market at a great price. Originating in … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: cinnamon and apple crumble

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Jess Bashford welcomes the season of mellow fruitfulness with a delicious recipe using apples from Surrey Street market

I think that we can now safely say that summer’s over, so I’ve come up with a little twist on one of the most warming puddings that I could think of: apple crumble.

This recipe uses Surrey Street’s apples with cinnamon and walnuts to make it a bit … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: cucumber and mint martini

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Surrey Street market’s fresh cucumber and mint make for a deliciously different martini, says Karen Cartwright

Humble cucumber is the quintessentially English ingredient. Available all year round for next to nothing in Surrey Street, Croydon’s historic open air fruit and vegetable market, it makes a delightfully refreshing cocktail when combined with mint.

The cocktail: Cucumber and mint martini

Ingredients from the market:

2 inches of fresh cucumber

7 fresh mint … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: breakfast berry bircher

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Autumnal mists and cooler days bring ripening berries… and here’s Jess Bashford with a delicious way to eat them

Now I don’t always manage to eat all the fruit and veg that I should every day. So, to help myself out, I’ve started making sure that I get a portion in with my breakfast.

Maximillian Bircher-Benner was a Swiss doctor whose most famous invention … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: griddled courgettes

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Summer’s a bit hit and miss so far. Staying optimistic, Jess Bashford welcomes the chance for light outdoorsy eating

We’ve seen a few glimpses of summer, so fingers crossed for more. Let’s make the most of Surrey Street market’s fresh veg for salads and barbecues with a recipe to spruce up courgettes into the star of a salad, a veggie barbecue main or a new … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: raspberry cream for puddings

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It’s a dream theme of fruit cream, says Jess Bashford

This month I’m whipping up another sweet treat. I’m using raspberries from Croydon’s historic Surrey Street’s to create a cream to go with lots of puddings. The sharpness of the raspberries means that it can help balance ones that are a little on the sickly sweet side.

The recipe: … Read More »

Surrey Street treats: weeknight pudding pears

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Jess Bashford returns with a warming and sweet Surrey Street treat

It’s been a while since I’ve used Surrey Street market’s fruit to cook up something sweet, so I thought that I’d come up with a quick recipe for a weeknight pudding.

It’s an easy way to use Surrey Street’s pears to make yourself something sweet when you don’t have time to push the boat … Read More »

Surrey Street Treats: Pomelo mocktail

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For those who are trying to cut down on calories or to maintain a ‘dry January’, Karen Cartwright has a delicious alcohol-free cocktail

It’s wonderful to see such a huge range of fruit and vegetables available in Surrey Street Market throughout the year, particularly under-appreciated fruit such as the pomelo. This citrus fruit, native to south and south-east Asia, looks like a giant grapefruit but has a … Read More »