Unifying refugee families could have a positive effect on Croydon

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As the home of the Visa and Immigration Service, Croydon supports many unaccompanied refugee children

Croydon attracts many refugees who have fled from zones of conflict, persecution and poverty to seek asylum in the UK. This is because it is the home of the national Visa and Immigration Service, where they claims are processed. However, the UK is one of the only two European countries (the other is Denmark) … Read More »

How you can help Croydon Refugee Day Centre

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Refugees welcome here: a smile and a helping hand from Croydon to some of the most desperate people on Earth

Whether your local school sings about fluffy cauliflowers, ploughing fields or that samba song that rhymes vegetable with festival, chances are it’s had a letter from Croydon Refugee Day Centre asking whether it would like to donate its harvest festival goodies.

Those car boot-fulls of baked … Read More »

Event review: The Asylum Monologues at Theatre Utopia

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Croydon’s asylum seekers, in their own words

On the day after the Manchester bombing, it was good that the Croydon Amnesty Group decided not to cancel its showing of The Asylum Monologues at Theatre Utopia, Matthews Yard , because it was honest, simple story-telling: story-telling of the sort that recalls you to your sense of humanity, develops your empathy, calmly informs your mind and reduces the temptation to generalise and … Read More »

Refugee Tales comes to Croydon

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Nelicia Le Gro and Andrea Perry celebrate an autumn walk through Croydon hosted by Refugee Tales

On a lovely autumnal day in October more than forty walkers strode through the parks and woodlands of Croydon, discovering a side to the borough that many people had only seen from a train window or on the path to the Home Office. The walk was a reunion for Refugee … Read More »