Reker Ahmed attack

Croydon refugee child

Posted on May 11th, by Charlotte Davies in Politics & Society. 4 comments

How a refugee child in Croydon is being helped to fulfil her potential

I wrote an article for the Croydon Citizen after the recent attack on asylum seeker Reker Ahmed in which I made a link between poor or incomplete childhood development and the violent aggressive behaviour of his attackers. The article provoked a strong response. I was particularly struck by this comment: “There you … Read More »

The Reker Ahmed attack was about mob violence

Posted on April 19th, by Ian Lavis in Politics & Society. 2 comments

It’s not about Croydon, it’s not about Brexit – it’s about thuggery

As a Kurdish teenager recovers in hospital from a sickening attack that left him fighting for his life, the citizens of Croydon are trying to come to terms with what happened on Friday 31st March on the Shrublands estate. How could such a savage beating take place on our doorstep? Why Croydon? Why England? Why now?

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