Richard Ottaway

Five years in the life of an extraordinary borough

Posted on November 9th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 4 comments

The Citizen‘s General Manager looks back on the Croydon that the Citizen was born into, and the one that it now inhabits

What a difference half a decade makes. Five years ago, I lived in Coulsdon, was perpetually single, and the idea of Westfield coming to Croydon was little more than a pipe dream. Now, I live in Balham.

The long-awaited bulldozers might not yet have … Read More »

The Public Gallery: The campaign begins

Posted on April 2nd, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. No Comments

Tom Black runs through some of the events that have followed the starting gun of the general election

Croydon no longer has any MPs. Strictly speaking, nowhere has any MPs. Parliament dissolved (not literally) on Monday at one minute past midnight, marking the formal beginning of the election campaign (although if you’re wondering what’s been going on since December if the election campaign … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Parachutes spotted all over Croydon

Posted on March 6th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Tom Black ponders the morality and acceptability of political parachuting

Croydonians concerned about the council’s proposed de-twinning with Arnhem in the anniversary year of Operation Market Garden may breathe a small sigh of relief. While there has been no update as to whether the plan is to be ruled out, this year’s council elections mean a widespread re-enactment of history’s biggest airborne operation … Read More »

The Public Gallery: How our MPs have changed the law

Posted on February 20th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Tired of complaining about the council, Tom Black takes a look at some of the changes our MPs have brought about

It’s easy to have a pop at our MPs, or accuse them of this, that and the other. Indeed, the right to hold them to account is an integral part of our democracy. I hope readers of TPG know that it’s a … Read More »

The Festive Gallery: A 2013 round robin from Croydon

Posted on December 24th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

‘Tis the season of goodwill, although one could be forgiven for forgetting that in Croydon’s political class. After a rollercoaster of a year (anyone would think there’s an election in five months), the people of Croydon are settling down for a nice mince pie, a flick through the channels and, without doubt, a self-congratulatory round robin or two from friends and family. In the spirit of … Read More »

The Public Gallery Special: Croydon South’s Next MP

Posted on November 7th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 23 comments

It is a cold, bright day in Purley and the clocks are striking fifteen. The Party has met, the Party has considered, and the Party has determined a list of fifteen people – one of whom will represent the good people of Croydon South as their Member of Parliament.

The General Election is, of course, still 546 days away. But this is Croydon South, where … Read More »