Riddlesdown Common

Croydon’s parks and open spaces: who should look after them?

Posted on July 10th, by Uday Shukla in Politics & Society. 2 comments

What can we do to protect our local parks and green areas?

I enjoy walking; whether it’s just a stroll around the block or a ten-mile hike along the coast, I really do love it. Well, what’s not to like, being outdoors, getting some exercise and seeing fantastic things along the way? It certainly beats my typical day at the office, confined to a desk staring at … Read More »

Event review: the Riddlesdown wildflower walk, Saturday 29th July

Posted on August 30th, by Moira O'Donnell in Culture. 1 Comment

A wonderful walk through a botanical paradise in the south of Croydon

Anyone who knows me knows how keen I am on wildflowers and how impossible it is to go anywhere with me without having to stop every few minutes and wait while I examine and photograph some interesting plant I have found growing in a pavement crack/in the grass/in a pond/up a wall/by the side of … Read More »