Can’t give any more: volunteer fatigue in Croydon (part 1)

Posted on June 28th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Is Croydon taking its volunteers for granted?

“There are things that you do because it’s your passion, that you truly believe will make a difference. The Big Society [expands] the great work of volunteers.” (David Cameron, former Prime Minister, 2010).

“The Big Society is about getting more for less.” (Eric Pickles, former Secretary of State for Housing and Local Government, 2010)

“This is a 19th-century … Read More »

Help celebrate International Peace Day 2015 in Croydon

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Aishah Mehmood asks all Croydonians to make our voices heard for a better world

I’m starting this article with a call to action. As founder of Croydon Peace Tree and co-ordinator of our local activities for World Peace Day, I’d like to ask you to visit our Facebook page today and post a message about peace and what it means to you. Don’t Facebook? Well, you can also … Read More »

Watching out for Croydon’s interests in parliamentary legislation

Posted on August 17th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Westminster’s not so remote – its decisions matter very close to home, says Sean Creighton

Reform to the riot damages legislation is one of several bills in the current parliamentary session with particular relevance to us Croydonians. Therefore we and our organisations may wish to take a view and lobby our MPs, the bill committees and members of the House of Lords.

Bills of … Read More »

Let’s make Croydon less boring

Posted on March 27th, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 13 comments

What stands between Croydon and success? Simply being too dull

Croydon has changed fast, in not very long at all. In the 1980s, Croydon was seen as comfortably middle class and dull. In the 1990s, monstrously concrete and dull. In the 2000s it became dangerous and dull, and finally the dubious poster child of rioting in 2011: a risky place to be filled with bored, … Read More »

Croydonian in the spotlight: Adam Pearson

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Adam Pearson – writer, actor, and Croydonian – discusses the success of the sci-fi horror film Under The Skin and his home town

Adam Pearson is certainly a recognisable face, though perhaps more for his regular TV work these days rather than the neurofibromyalgia which has given him prominent facial disfigurement. Taking time out from casting the new season of The Undateables, he reflected on the … Read More »

#Croydon #TechCity season finale review

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Take a look back at the last #Croydon #TechCity event of the academic year with Shaniqua Benjamin

School was out for summer and so was Croydon Tech City, who hosted their season finale on July 24th at Matthews Yard. CTC has had a successful 2013-2014 season, which kicked off in October. Co-founder Jonny Rose said: “We want to build a tech eco-system that can rival … Read More »

Print Archive: January 2014 News Magazine – Red dawn

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Our first ever print edition is now available online

The biggest news story of November by far was that London’s third Westfield centre had been given permission to open in Croydon town centre. By any rational reckoning, it was a foregone conclusion – at the most cursory of glances, its power to change things is clear. But what does ‘Hammerfield’  (or The Croydon Partnership to give … Read More »

Riot From Wrong left me desperately seeking insight

Posted on October 10th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Liz Sheppard-Jones listened to a disappointing debate following the West Croydon screening of ‘Riot From Wrong’

As they left Croydon Voluntary Action centre, I hope some of them looked across London Road. On the other side, perhaps 50m away, is Broad Green Sure Start. Sure Start is an initiative launched in 1998 by then Chancellor of the Exchequer Brown to give children the best possible start in … Read More »

Review: Riot or Wrong?

Posted on October 1st, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 3 comments

Liz Sheppard-Jones searches for connections at the West Croydon screening of a well-made and important film

‘Riot from Wrong’ is a film made by Fully Focussed. The showing, put on by Croydon Xpress at 4.30pm on Friday September 20th at the Croydon Voluntary Action Centre on Broad Green’s London Road was the film’s 77th screening. It’s been shown in the House of Commons, around the country … Read More »

5 London Road: Albemarle Bond

Posted on December 21st, by Kake in History. No Comments

Kake’s tour of London Road moves back to the west side of the road with a look at a building that’s seen service as an oil and colour merchant, a hire-purchase furniture store, and a bicycle shop.

The current occupant of 5 London Road is Albemarle Bond, a pawnbroker and payday loan shop. Albemarle Bond’s tenure at this address began in December 2011, though this wasn’t their first London … Read More »