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Review: Croydon’s Street Art Tour and bottomless lunch

Posted on August 15th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. No Comments

A walking tour followed by a delicious lunch – what’s not to like?

Saturday 21st July marked the dawn of a new grassroots Croydon event: the Street Art Tour and bottomless lunch from RISE Gallery and East Croydon Cool.

In recent years Croydon has firmly planted itself on the street art map, and not just in London. Renowned artists from all around the world have flocked to the borough … Read More »

Croydon to host RISEfestival, London’s largest urban art festival

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Croydon announces London’s largest international urban art festival taking place in September 2018… and it’s completely free!

Release begins: Following the success of Warhol Croydon Month in 2017, RISE Gallery is proud to announce the first annual RISEfestival – a celebration of UK and international urban art, to take place from 5th-15th September 2018.

This celebration is set to be London’s largest international … Read More »

May 2018 in brief

Posted on June 14th, by The Croydon Citizen in Politics & Society. No Comments

The big news stories of May 2018, summarised by the Citizen team

The Croydon Partnership announced Waitrose and John Lewis as anchor stores in the proposed new Croydon Westfield retail development

On 31st May the Croydon Partnership confirmed that a four-level John Lewis store and a Waitrose will be the ‘anchor’ stores in its proposed town centre Westfield retail centre.

Work on the centre is set to begin in 2019. Councillor Alison Butler, … Read More »

Review: Croydon’s first official street-art walking tour

Posted on May 11th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 2 comments

Taking to the pavement to admire the borough’s quirky collection of murals, installations and paintings

I have, for a long time, marvelled at the beautiful piece of street art on the corner of Park Street and St George’s Walk – a stunning depiction of his wife by the Ghanaian-British painter Dreph, painted on Valentine’s Day.

This work is just one of many that brightens up parts … Read More »

The Croydon Conversations: who wants to help to make Croydon a home for thinkers and intellectuals?

Posted on April 24th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 5 comments

Let’s make our borough a place for debate and discussion

Socrates once allegedly said that “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

Some people are content with an unexamined life; one that is not much more complicated than catching up on Netflix series, monitoring sale prices on ASOS and booking a holiday twice a year in the sun. Others, however, demand … Read More »

Moving forward: Croydon’s Cultural Vision 2018 reflects on Borough of Culture loss

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“With or without the money, Croydon will move forward”

A panel is setting its sights forward after Croydon lost the bid to become London’s first Borough of Culture in 2019.

The London Borough of Culture award was a new initiative launched by the Mayor Sadiq Khan in June 2017. The award offered more than £1m of funding to two winning boroughs, Waltham Forest for 2019 … Read More »

Review: A Journey through Brutalism – the guided walk

Posted on March 20th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 1 Comment

A great opportunity to see our town through new eyes, thanks to RISE Gallery

Organised by RISE Gallery, St George’s Walk, this fascinating tour complements the current Brutalist exhibition at the gallery.

The tour was led by the ebullient Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of RISE Gallery, who gave interesting insights into Croydon buildings which most of us are familiar with, but probably know little more about them.

Read More »

Event review: the launch of the Journey Through Brutalism exhibition at RISE Gallery

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We need to talk about Croydon’s brutalist architecture

Turning off from the relentless stream of cars driving up and down Wellesley Road, I glanced up at the unlit tower of concrete and glass soaring overhead and shimmering in the streetlights. The Nestlé building rested peacefully in the crisp evening air. Its slender vertical structure faded to a dark grey, blending seamlessly into the night sky. I ducked … Read More »

London Borough of Culture 2019: why Croydon didn’t win

Posted on March 8th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 2 comments

One reason stood out straight away

We’re disappointed – the London Evening Standard had us as second favourites to win – but we rallied quickly. The creative community of Croydon is positive and resilient. On the day that the result of the competition to be London’s first Borough of Culture was announced, council leader Tony Newman tweeted: “congrats to the winners and I guess we remain ‘The Alternative Borough … Read More »

Event review: Graffiti art workshop at RISE Gallery

Posted on December 19th, by Rufus Jones in Culture. No Comments

A lesson from a well-known artist, then a chance to work on Croydon’s free graffiti wall

Is all graffiti vandalism? 34% of the British public would still agree that it is, a YouGov poll has shown. But for two-thirds of people to see it in a positive light is a big change. Historically it was frowned upon, with the most popular argument against it being that it’s … Read More »