This is who created the “Diana mural”

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After initial speculation that the striking work had been created by Banksy, the true creator of the image of Princess Diana in Exchange Square has now been revealed. The mural was actually created by internationally exhibited local stenciler Rich Simmons: an urban pop artist based in St George’s Walk and previously best known for his ‘superhero gay kiss’ mural.

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Event review: ‘With Each Passing Moment’ at RISEgallery

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Capturing subtle moments at RISEgallery

‘With Each Passing Moment’ is the second exhibition of the year at the St George’s Walk art gallery, and the first photography exhibition that it has ever held. It features work by William Klein, Susan Derges, Helmut Newton, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Steve McCurry, Ralph Gibson, Maurizio Catellan, Luis Lazo, Tim Strange and Seamus Nicolson.

Whereas ‘The Light Within’ was an amazing … Read More »

A beginner’s guide to Croydon’s street art

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A newcomer to the street art of Croydon gets up-to-speed with the help of Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison

Recently hailed as ‘the new capital of street art’ by the Evening Standard, it seems that word of the flourishing arts scene that Croydon locals are so familiar with is spreading.

My current knowledge of street art (worryingly) comes largely from my Telegraph-reading mother (the life and works of Mr … Read More »

Container crates, Croydon and me, by Mr Boxpark

Posted on November 30th, by Lauren Furey in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Roger Wade, CEO of Boxpark, gives Lauren Furey the lowdown on how, when and above all… why Croydon

Arriving at Boxpark Croydon’s marketing suite was like stepping into a wrapped up Christmas present. You shouldn’t peek, but it’s exciting. It was here I met Boxpark’s mastermind and CEO, Roger Wade, to hear what Croydon can expect from its new Boxpark, set to open in summer 2016.

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October news in brief

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The Citizen team compiles some of the noteworthy events of October into one handy page

‘Jeremy the stag’ successfully rehomed in ‘secret location’

Local celebrity Jeremy, a red deer stag who found himself trapped in Park Hill Park after railway workers shooed him from the line near East Croydon, has been confirmed to be alive and well. The stag’s sudden disappearance last month led to some … Read More »

Minimal graffiti

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From graffiti to street art: Andrew Dickinson has noticed a welcome change in Croydon

Graffiti once seemed omnipresent and unstoppable, and tackling it was a significant, costly issue, so where has all Croydon’s graffiti gone? It used to be that wherever you looked there was a squiggle – or tag, to give it its proper name. On bus shelters, post boxes, doors and walls, it … Read More »

RISEgallery and Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison: art, inspiration and surprised faces

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Bernadette Fallon meets the Croydonian with Damien Hirst on speed-dial

There was a quote I read by Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of Croydon’s newest gallery space RISE, that stuck in my head for weeks before I met him. Speaking to local media at the launch of his gallery, he said that it was his ‘gift’ to Croydon.

What sort of a man was this – … Read More »

Croydon’s new RISEgallery: exclusively for everyone

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A new gallery and project space arrives in St. George’s Walk

RISEgallery is a new and unique project whose aim is to play a pivotal role in being a catalyst for positive change, throughout the community as well as in each of its individuals. The gallery, which opened on 24th October, plans to offer new, creative ideas to Croydon, using art to bring together ideals, cultures and people.

The gallery specialises … Read More »