Sadiq Khan

Mayor Sadiq Khan visits the People’s Republic of Croydon

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It was #EatDrinkCampaign as the London Mayor spoke at Boxpark on Monday evening

Sadiq Khan arrived in Croydon at 7pm on a wet and windy night. London’s mayor is every inch the people’s politician, engaging quickly through the crowd, touching everyone and making close eye contact. At the end of the event he lingered, took part in selfie after selfie, listened, talked and hugged. This is a … Read More »

Croydon makes shortlist for London Creative Enterprise Zone

Posted on April 4th, by Paula Murray in Culture. 5 comments

Regeneration prices out creatives. How will Croydon respond?

As Croydon Council’s culture director, my whole team and I were really disappointed not to be successful in gaining the London Borough of Culture title. We did feel that we were ready to deliver a great programme and that Croydon would have undoubtedly benefitted from that. However, the work that we did in developing the bid, in building partnerships … Read More »

Why I’m backing Croydon’s bid to be London’s first Borough of Culture

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All the low-down on the borough’s bid, supported by the Citizen as a proud local media partner

David Bowie famously used the word ‘Croydon’ as an insult. “God, it’s so f**king Croydon”, he would say.

Well, Bowie was no stranger to cultural re-invention and if he were still alive today, it wouldn’t take much to convince him that Croydon is ch-ch-ch-ch-changing. In fact, as … Read More »

November 2016 in brief

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The big news stories of last month, summarised by the Citizen team

Tram derailment near Sandilands kills seven

Shortly after 6am on the morning of Wednesday 9th November, tram number 2551 derailed after leaving the Sandilands tunnel. The tram, which was travelling towards central Croydon from New Addington, overturned completely and fell onto its side. Seven people died in the accident, while fifty-eight more suffered injuries, many extremely serious. The … Read More »

What was decided at last month’s Croydon Congress

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Councillor Hamida Ali reports on a well-attended meeting to shape Croydon’s economic and cultural future

Last month Croydon College was host to Croydon Congress – a bi-annual assembly where leaders across business, voluntary and public sectors in the borough come together to discuss common issues. Previous topics have included social isolation, child sexual exploitation and domestic and sexual violence and galvanised people to take action. The purpose … Read More »

October 2016 in brief

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The big news stories of last month, summarised by the Citizen team

Food and drink hub Boxpark opens

The shipping container-based development finally opened its doors at the end of October. Featuring more than thirty bars, coffee shops, restaurants and other assorted eateries, the large development next to East Croydon station began with a two-day launch party, the thumping bass of which could be felt on East Croydon’s … Read More »

Print archive: October 2016 – The local economy is booming

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New figures show Croydon has the fastest-growing economy in the UK, and the high street is seeing major changes. But is the whole town benefiting?

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“I want Croydon to bid to be London Borough of Culture”: Sadiq Khan’s long walk

Posted on September 8th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

London’s mayor walked, talked, and waved his way through the town centre last week, with Tom Black never more than a few steps behind

Sadiq Khan doesn’t wear a tie. This has divided opinion – while some insist that his bare collar looks unprofessional or even disrespectful, I happen to think that he’s a bold poster-child for the growing ‘crisp white shirt, dark suit’ movement. John F. … Read More »

Election 2016: What do the results tell us about Croydon?

Posted on May 26th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. No Comments

Robert Ward drills down into the data to draw conclusions on which way the borough is leaning

You will be relieved to know that the recent election for the Greater London Authority and London mayor is the last for some time (I don’t count the EU referendum). But it’s hard to resist firing up the spreadsheet one last time before taking a rest.

Since … Read More »

Election 2016: How did Croydon vote?

Posted on May 24th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. No Comments

Itching to know which way the borough is swinging? Tom Black and guest psephologist Tom Anderson get down and dirty with the numbers so that you don’t have to

The final result on 6th May couldn’t have been clearer. Sadiq Khan became London’s first Labour mayor in eight years, and Conservative Steve O’Connell was re-elected to the London Assembly for the constituency seat of Croydon … Read More »