Saffron Square

Beacons of hope: How I learned to love Croydon’s crane-filled sky

Posted on March 9th, by Jonny Rose in Economics & Business. 2 comments

Jonny Rose encourages his fellow Croydonians to look to the heavens for inspiration

It was James Naylor, Editor-in-Chief of the Croydon Citizen who first impressed upon me the importance of looking up when walking around Croydon.

According to James everything you needed to know about Croydon – where it is, where it’s come from and where it’s going – can be seen not by … Read More »

Four things that I learnt about Croydon by launching a start-up community

Posted on January 18th, by Will Dobbie in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Will Dobbie shares a message of hope from his experience founding Redeemer Church in Croydon

Two years ago, I’d hardly heard of Croydon and had no connection with the place or anyone in it. In September 2013, my family and I moved here, quickly fell in love with this place, and plan to stay here for keeps. All because of something that had been tugging at our … Read More »

Crocus valley blooms again

Posted on October 14th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

How Ally McKinlay brought saffron home to Croydon

Boxpark? Just a fancy place for a sandwich. Westfield? Retail detail – see one and you’ve seen ‘em mall. The stand-out Croydon story of 2015 is horticultural.

In August, the people of Croydon responded enthusiastically to a proposal to bring crocus-growing back to the town centre. In Roman times, the species crocus sativus grew here, producing saffron … Read More »

Croydon’s rising skyline – an opportunity not to be missed

Posted on March 31st, by Tom Lickley in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Tom Lickley explores what is appropriate – and what isn’t – in skyscraper design and planning

“And you have to remember that I came to America as an immigrant. You know, on a ship, through the Statue of Liberty. And I saw that skyline, not just as a representation of steel and concrete and glass, but as really the substance of the American Dream.” – Daniel Libeskind, … Read More »

Crocus Watch Needs You! Let’s help celebrate the origins of Croydon

Posted on March 5th, by Ally McKinlay in Culture. 1 Comment

Ally McKinlay’s Crocus Watch project has made Croydon the first town in Britain to map spring

A lot can happen in week in Croydon it seems: the whiff of an FA Cup quarter-final for Palace, the whiff of paint aerosols being used to transform St. George’s Walk, and the rise of the mighty crocus.

Many believe that Croydon is named after the beautiful flower … Read More »

Croydon still isn’t gentrified

Posted on February 23rd, by James Naylor in Politics & Society. 4 comments

…and it’s not going to be anytime soon, says James Naylor

The gentrification debate has been rumbling on, quietly but solidly in Croydon for a good couple of years now. The moment that the first trendy coffee shop established in the centre of town began to build publicity (I’m talking about Matthews Yard – for those who don’t already know it), people began talking about the … Read More »

Croydon – 2014 in review

Posted on December 31st, by James Naylor in Site News. 1 Comment

As 2014 draws to a close, the editor-in-chief looks back at the year

And so we come to the end of 2014. This year saw the council return to Labour control after eight years of Tory administration and the sudden resignation of its leader, the ‘iconic’ Saffron Square tower become the tallest building in the borough by a country mile – making it (apparently visible … Read More »

Buy now – Croydon will not be this pocket friendly for long

Posted on August 11th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 7 comments

Sean Creighton asks what Croydon’s soaring house prices mean for local people, and finds a predictable answer

“Impressive new housing developments are under construction and we have penthouses selling well in excess of £1m.”

“We have a real issue in the mainstream market, in that 80 per cent of houses in London are only affordable by 20 per cent of the population.”

“The Saffron development’s … Read More »

Could shared ownership provide an alternative solution for Croydon’s housing needs?

Posted on March 3rd, by Tom Lickley in Economics & Business. 7 comments

The much vaunted ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has drawn criticism and praise in equal measure, but does it suit all?

The crushing unaffordability of residential property across Greater London is having a significant impact on the levels of first time buyers. The average age of the first-time buyer is continually increasing, with sources estimating it to be around the 30 years old mark. Croydon is no different, … Read More »

2014 Croydon – the graphene superhighway?

Posted on January 22nd, by Matthew McMillan in Croydon: Tech City, Opinion. 2 comments

As the Croydon Tech City movement continues to makes its regenerative might felt, Matthew McMillan from the council explores some other factors making the borough attractive to investors once again

Hi there, Croydon citizen. Long-time listener, first time caller, or whatever the digital equivalent for that is.

What brings me down to this parish is that I’m due to give a talk at the next #Croydon … Read More »