Saif Bonar

Event review: Hoodoo’s music venue celebrates its first birthday, Saturday 27th August

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Katie Rose looks back at a year of creative contribution

A hoodoo (also known as a fairy chimney or earth pyramid) is a totem-shaped pillar of rock that forms in desert basins as a result of weather and rock erosion.Famous examples are found in Bryce Canyon in the US and Cappadocia, Turkey. Human imitations, known as cairns, are piles of rocks used over the centuries to mark important … Read More »

Art in Matthews Yard: past, present, future

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Matthews Yard’s Saif Bonar and Leoni Descartes talk to Bernadette Fallon

If you ask Saif Bonar, founder of Croydon’s Matthews Yard, whether he has achieved what he set out to do with his artistic plans for the venue, he will laugh. “We didn’t set out to do anything with art; there was no original concept,” he explains.

So, over three years later, the fact … Read More »