Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the civil rights movement

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How the Croydon-based composer and musician helped instigate change

In the 50th anniversary year of the assassination of US civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, on 4th April 1968, it’s timely to examine the role of Croydon composer, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, in the early modern US civil rights and pan-African movements. His mixed-race ethnicity, humble beginnings and untimely death make the story of his achievements all the more … Read More »

Review: Art workshop for young people at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre

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Keeping art alive for young Croydonians

On Wednesday 14th February I attended an art meet-up for all of the teens and kids of Croydon at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre. The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre is a historical building which was left behind by the composer, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, for the youth of Croydon to express their creativity in. And that they have; in fact, the … Read More »

The talented Pethericks and their family album

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An album in the Museum of Croydon is rich with forgotten gems of Croydon’s cultural history

The talents of the Petherick family are currently on display in the Museum of Croydon’s ‘The Petherick Family Album’ exhibition at Croydon Clocktower. The display includes family items in the Croydon Art Collection.

Born in 1839 Horace William Petherick was an artist, musician and writer. His five daughters were talented … Read More »

The rich stories of Fairfield Halls

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Sean Creighton hears the echoes of past performances in the now-dormant concert hall

A revolver shot reverberates round the new Fairfield Concert Hall just before the start of an audio test concert on 13th October 1962. Then the British pianist Valerie Tyron plays the first movement of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto in C minor, with the Croydon Symphony Orchestra conducted by Arthur Davison.

Tyron would have … Read More »

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and the Croydon music scene

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Even as he found national fame, Croydon’s celebrated composer didn’t forget his roots, as Sean Creighton finds out

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Croydon’s famous African-British composer, was taught music as a child and young teenager by his grandfather Benjamin Holmans, his headmaster at the Croydon British Boys’ School, Herbert Walters, by the choir master at St George’s Presbyterian church, and by Joseph Beckwith, a local violin teacher.

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In life and death, was Samuel Coleridge-Taylor just a victim of racism?

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Wheeled out for Black History Month, then forgotten again. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor deserves better, says Gareth Endean

Take a stroll down Charles Street, an otherwise unremarkable road in Croydon’s old town, and you’ll reach a curious sculpture depicting three of Croydon’s most famous residents. The figures, as voted for by the public, are the recently-deceased comedian Ronnie Corbett, celebrated actor Dame Peggy Ashcroft and composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

The … Read More »

How young musician William Campbell makes Croydon proud

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Katie Rose interviews Young Citizen and musical prodigy, William Campbell

A cascade of chords played with powerful passion – William Campbell is practicing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Only fourteen, he travels from his South Norwood home to perform at concerts internationally. Anna, his mother, asks him to play her favourite, Debussy’s ‘Prélude’ from Suite Bergamasque, as she begins his amazing story.

William is the … Read More »

South Norwood Arts Festival comes in from the cold

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Heather Hardie welcomes the return of South Norwood’s arts festival, now in its eighth year

Ever heard animals sing? Read your own poetry to an audience? Eaten delicious food from twenty countries? Joined in with a choir? Wandered into the bowels of a listed building? Smelt flowers in a secret garden? Had a Halloween surprise?

You can do all this and more at South … Read More »

Discovering Selhurst’s history – musical notes

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Sean Creighton continues his exploration of a part of Croydon that’s been in the shadows

In a recent piece for the Citizen, I explained how leading heritage walks in the Selhurst area during the Croydon Heritage Festival opened my eyes to the history of this fascinating part of the world, too often regarded as a minor southern appendage to South Norwood. Whilst doing my research, I began to … Read More »

Discovering Selhurst’s history: a minor appendage?

Posted on August 13th, by Sean Creighton in Culture. 1 Comment

Sean Creighton led tours of the area during the Croydon Heritage Festival 2015 and wanted to know more

Selhurst is usually regarded as a minor southern appendage to South Norwood. Croydon Local Studies group has played a part in this, adding only a small section on the area to an information pack about South Norwood produced many years ago. Whilst researching for the Croydon Heritage Festival, I … Read More »