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Why Croydon needs a visitor centre, and how it could pay for itself

Posted on September 10th, by Charles Barber in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

A luxury service our town can’t afford? Not at all, says Charles Barber

If you happened to venture down the covered section of St George’s Walk on Saturday 25th August, you may have noticed a man sitting at a table with another chair opposite him. A sign on his table claimed that it was the Croydon Visitor Centre, and if you were rash enough … Read More »

What is an Asset of Community Value and does it even matter?

Posted on March 13th, by Saif Bonar in Politics & Society. No Comments

Local community hubs are right to celebrate securing ‘ACV status’, but it’s not a silver bullet

There has been plenty of talk about Assets of Community Value (ACV) in Croydon in recent months and with it, lots of confusion. As someone who was instrumental in pulling together the ACV nomination for the building at 5–9 Surrey Street and who supported the subsequent nomination of the premises occupied … Read More »