Second World War

Calling all Croydon veterans, whatever your age

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All local veterans are invited to celebrate Armed Forces Week at a special lunch

Just like the citizens of Croydon, veterans don’t have a singular identity – some may have been frontline troops, while others were pilots or served in the navy. Some fought in the Second World War and others fought for their nation in recent conflicts. Many veterans may not have fought at all, but … Read More »

Book review: Secret Operations

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The astonishing autobiography of 98-year-old Croydonian Eric Sanders

As you might expect, the life story of a 98-year-old man contains plenty of detail, but there can be few stories as compelling as that of Norbury’s Eric Sanders.

Born Ignaz Schwarz in Vienna, Austria, Eric fled the country in 1938 after the Nazis took over, finding a home in England just prior to the outbreak of the … Read More »

The way forward

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We’re often told that we face challenges of a scale unseen since the war, so what can we learn from then and apply to now?

We’re in a bind – the result of much foolish gaming carried out on our behalf up to 2008 and, well before that, the easing of credit granted to those of us who had little notion of the cost of borrowing. The pump … Read More »

Digging into the past: a vintage poster with local roots

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A local man who became a propaganda legend is remembered…

Wandle Park recently partnered with the Kenley Revival Project to host a World War Two poster-making workshop, using vintage posters from the period as inspiration. Well-known classic designs such as ‘Dig For Victory’, ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ and ‘The Walls Have Ears’ all featured.

Much fun was had by all – and some good new examples … Read More »

Event review: Keep Calm And Carry On, by Parabolic Theatre

Posted on December 12th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. 1 Comment

An invasion force is on British soil. Our nation is in peril. YOU must decide what to do

Accompanied by an eminent military historian and his (also my) two sons, one studying history at A level and the other set on doing so, I went to see Parabolic Theatre’s latest production on Friday 8th December at the COLAB Factory near London Bridge.

Parabolic is a Croydon-based company … Read More »

Your invitation to be part of Croydon’s first festival of peace

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We’re crowd-funding a peace celebration for Croydon next summer – who wants to be part of it?

In June 2018, we’re inviting everyone in Croydon to be involved in a cross-cultural, cross-arts, interfaith celebration of peace. As the world remembers the centenary of the end of the First World War, we can make a powerful, colourful, vibrant declaration of peace.

In the words of Father John … Read More »

They were prepared – the heroism of Croydon’s Scouts in World War Two

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A plaque has been unveiled in St Barnabas’ chapel, Croydon University Hospital, paying tribute to some unsung – and very young – Croydonian war heroes. Hospital chaplain Hilary Fife reports

Look closely at the tin helmet in the photograph on the left and you’ll see the words ‘Mayday H’. This photo brought to life for me a conversation I’d had with a patient, in … Read More »

The Public Gallery: What’s Europe ever done for Croydon?

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Taking the TPG reins this week is former MEP Robert Evans, who explains why you should vote in next month’s European elections

On the evening of 15th August 1940, the first major air raid in the London area struck Croydon. As nine Hurricanes from 111 Squadron intercepted the bombers, they missed their intended target. That target was Croydon Airfield.

Instead, it was … Read More »

Review: This War! (Oakwood School)

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Shaniqua Benjamin fights flooding and road closures to immerse herself in a production based on World War II

“Britain is at war with Germany” were the dreaded words that fell on Britain’s ears in 1939, catapulting them into World War II. This set the foundation for Four58’s production, This War!, which was performed by St Gertrude’s Theatre Company.

Despite flooding and closed roads in Purley, all seats … Read More »

Reach for the sky, Mr Gove

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Local historian Matthew Doyle highlights the importance of Croydon’s role defending London during the Battle of Britain

I like Michael Gove. People of my age do. He is proof that Joe 90 grew up and became Secretary of State for Education. For sure, he has lit the debate surrounding the centenary of the Great War (that’s the first one for today’s #yoof). Like it or … Read More »