Boxpark’s a quickie when Croydon needs something more meaningful

Posted on January 16th, by Paddy Blewer in Culture. 6 comments

Sold as a 21st century leisure destination, the crates in Dingwall Road are a twenty minute wolfed-down pitstop

The Croydon Citizen recently published my not-entirely-complimentary review of Meat Liquor in Boxpark. As the review states, I was conscious that I was being harsher on the place than I would have been had it been a stand-alone venture somewhere else in Croydon. Away from Boxpark, I’d probably have scored … Read More »

How Croydon charmed me

Posted on August 3rd, by Marcia Henry-Morgan in Culture. 7 comments

Newly-arrived Marcia Henry-Morgan has been looking at Croydon with fresh eyes

I moved to London just over a year ago and where I landed was Croydon. I chose Croydon because I have family here and it seemed like a logical choice.

You can’t help but notice that people in Croydon complain quite a lot, which leads me to ask: what is their comparison? When you’ve lived … Read More »