Social enterprise

What part should social enterprise play in running Croydon?

Posted on March 9th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. No Comments

Sean Creighton sets out to learn some lessons in management from history

At the end of March last year the Octavo Partnership was started as a mutual partnership between Croydon council and the Headteachers Association to deliver the former in-house education support services to schools. This is one social enterprise solution to the future delivery of council services in a period of continuing cuts.

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Home-grown regeneration is just as important as outside investment

Posted on January 11th, by Harry Owen-Jones in Economics & Business. No Comments

Harry Owen-Jones analyses the town’s business community, its economic future, and the role of free spaces like 3Space

It’s been a little under two years since 3Space came to Croydon. From the fifth floor of Southern House we’ve looked down, and then up, at the redevelopment going on around East Croydon Station. Our neighbouring towers, once gloomy and empty, now have the lights on, full … Read More »