Annual summit demonstrates the strength of Croydon’s tech community

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Croydon Tech City held a summit for tech-based businesses to intermingle and to plan for a better future

Several technology based businesses gathered last week on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Croydon’s future. Entrepreneurs set up booths showing off their most recent innovations. The overall excitement for new technology charged the event with creativity and ambition.

“I know how scary it is to be an entrepreneur, so much … Read More »

Print archive: April 2017 – Still: When?

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We’re still waiting for Croydon’s biggest development to break ground

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The Croydon Citizen is a non-profit community news magazine for London’s most populous borough.

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Print archive: February-March 2017 – The light of innovation

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Croydon’s innovators are breaking the mould, and not just in business

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The Croydon Citizen

The Croydon Citizen is a non-profit community news magazine for London’s most populous borough.

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3D printing, and Croydon’s business community, to the rescue

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Saffron Saunders recalls a tale of youthful inspiration and a helping hand

I recently had the privilege to be invited to judge the finals of a summer workshop programme run by the Network for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs. NTYE is a social enterprise helping young people to enhance their employability through entrepreneurship.

Along with other business experts including councillor David Wood of Selhurst ward, I … Read More »

What the Lifetime ISA means for Croydon

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Changes to savings mean that the pounds really can start looking after themselves, writes Frank Mukahanana: it’s up to us to spend them locally

What’s the big story in the 2016 Budget for Croydon?

Although national media has been full of the sensational, controversial aspects of the budget, let me tell you about an aspect of it that is hugely important for Croydon. Why? … Read More »

Mushrooms and megabytes: A chance encounter at Croydon Tech City’s branding workshop

Posted on May 18th, by Andrew Dickinson in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. 4 comments

Andy Dickinson got more than he bargained for at a recent #Croydon #TechCity event

It’s 3pm on Friday 1st May and I’m sitting in the home of one of Britain’s leading mycologists and our informal chat and wine consumption is under way.

How did I get to be sitting here?  Well, on Tuesday night I had attended a Croydon Tech City event in Matthews … Read More »

What Croydon Tech City taught me about startup idea validation

Posted on April 22nd, by Zarrin Lilani in Croydon: Tech City, Event Reviews. 1 Comment

New contributor Zarrin Lilani reports on how a #Croydon #TechCity event helped her learn her way in the startup world

I turned up to the Startup Idea Validation workshop feeling nervous. Was my startup idea only a good idea in my own head? However as soon as I arrived I realised the session was about ways we could test out our ideas as opposed to … Read More »

Small businesses love Croydon

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A report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSG) and KPMG found that Croydon is an attractive borough in the capital for small business owners to operate in, as it provides a relatively easy environment than in other boroughs. Almost 80% of small businesses believed that broadband and transport quality were vital for a successful business. The index featured a survey of 200 FSB members from across the 33 London boroughs.

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EVENT: Women in Tech – Thursday 19th June at 7:30pm @CroydonCC #Croydon #TechCity

Posted on June 16th, by Jonny Rose in Croydon: Tech City, Tech City - News. No Comments

On Thursday 19th June, Croydon Tech City will be hosting a ‘Women in Tech’ event to put a spotlight on the work of some of the leading ladies in the London tech scene. Reserve your place here or email *protected email*.

Juliana Meyer, Founder of SupaPass

SupaPass is an online music platform for artists to run their own subscription-based fan clubs. SupaPass won ‘Best European Startup’ … Read More »

Labour, politics and #Croydon #TechCity: a response from Cllr Toni Letts

Posted on April 15th, by Toni Letts in Croydon: Tech City, Opinion. No Comments

Croydon Labour’s shadow cabinet member for jobs, business and regeneration responds to Conservative candidate Mario Creatura’s bold claims about Tech City

Tech City is one of a number of truly exciting  movements happening across our wonderful town at this time.

I was therefore dismayed by the comments made by Mario Creatura, the Coulsdon West Conservative candidate, where he politicises the successful Croydon Tech City.

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