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Review: Croydon’s Street Art Tour and bottomless lunch

Posted on August 15th, by Lauren Furey in Culture. No Comments

A walking tour followed by a delicious lunch – what’s not to like?

Saturday 21st July marked the dawn of a new grassroots Croydon event: the Street Art Tour and bottomless lunch from RISE Gallery and East Croydon Cool.

In recent years Croydon has firmly planted itself on the street art map, and not just in London. Renowned artists from all around the world have flocked to the borough … Read More »

Review: Croydon’s first official street-art walking tour

Posted on May 11th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. 2 comments

Taking to the pavement to admire the borough’s quirky collection of murals, installations and paintings

I have, for a long time, marvelled at the beautiful piece of street art on the corner of Park Street and St George’s Walk – a stunning depiction of his wife by the Ghanaian-British painter Dreph, painted on Valentine’s Day.

This work is just one of many that brightens up parts … Read More »

The Croydon Forum: a catalyst for positive change

Posted on January 25th, by Charles Barber in Politics & Society. 4 comments

The first meeting of the Croydon Forum for Change is branded a success

Get a group of people together who care about the future of Croydon, who have different experiences and expertise, and let them chat freely about how such a new group might help improve our diverse and fascinating borough. This was more or less the remit for the first meeting of The Croydon Forum for … Read More »

Event review: Graffiti art workshop at RISE Gallery

Posted on December 19th, by Rufus Jones in Culture. No Comments

A lesson from a well-known artist, then a chance to work on Croydon’s free graffiti wall

Is all graffiti vandalism? 34% of the British public would still agree that it is, a YouGov poll has shown. But for two-thirds of people to see it in a positive light is a big change. Historically it was frowned upon, with the most popular argument against it being that it’s … Read More »

How traditional apple-pressing led to a new piece of street art for West Croydon

Posted on December 4th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. No Comments

Taking a bite out of Croydon’s street-art scene

This is a lovely community story, which brings together art, heritage and apple-pressing, and shows how they can work together to make Croydon a more beautiful place.

So there you are doing Croydon community stuff, sharing skills, knowledge, heritage, health, preventing waste, promoting community cohesion and being out in the fresh air enjoying a freshly pressed cup of … Read More »

This is Croydon

Posted on August 30th, by Sam Harper-Booth in Culture. No Comments

Posts on Instagram using #croydonis are being featured as part of an exhibition called ‘What is Croydon?’ at the Museum of Croydon

A while ago I was sat in my classroom in Italy, telling my tutor about where I was born, Croydon. I told him that it was the biggest borough in London by population, that the town is one of the mostly highly sought after office … Read More »

Wesley Baker brings music and street art together

Posted on August 10th, by Zach Baker in Culture. No Comments

One Croydonian has high hopes for the borough’s future

The founder of CDN, Wesley Baker, is a photographer and event organiser based in Croydon. Wesley is one of many community members actively working on the downtown area’s regeneration and specifically the street art movement.

After leaving Coventry University, Wes returned to Croydon and began immersing himself in the tech and art communities. He was frustrated with … Read More »

Event review: Never Mind the Boxpark

Posted on July 4th, by Steve Thompson in Culture. No Comments

Instagrammers’ tour of Croydon culture from punk to pop-ups

The fascinating ‘Never Mind the Boxpark’ walk was the brilliantly researched brainchild of Angela Martin and Julia Woollams of the Croydonist. The Facebook description, “a collection of the best bits of the borough according to us”, was particularly apt for this walk.

After meeting our small group at the foot of the No. 1 Croydon tower, also … Read More »

Print archive: April 2017 – Still: When?

Posted on May 19th, by The Croydon Citizen in Not featured, Politics & Society. No Comments

We’re still waiting for Croydon’s biggest development to break ground

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Print archive: February-March 2017 – The light of innovation

Posted on May 19th, by The Croydon Citizen in Not featured, Politics & Society. No Comments

Croydon’s innovators are breaking the mould, and not just in business

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The Croydon Citizen is a non-profit community news magazine for London’s most populous borough.

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