Stuart Collins

Council: “Join our drive making Croydon cleaner and greener”

Posted on June 22nd, by Stuart Collins in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Our last print edition saw two contributors raise serious concerns about fly-tipping. Councillor Stuart Collins responds

Editor’s note: On pages 6 and 7 of May 2017′s Croydon Citizen, Liz Sheppard-Jones and Stuart Millson wrote about the issue of fly-tipping in Croydon. Councillor Collins provided this article in response. 

It’s important that publications like the Citizen highlight issues which have a massive impact on everyone’s daily lives. … Read More »

How I want Croydon’s community to respond to fly-tipping

Posted on April 4th, by Stuart Millson in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Being a citizen of Croydon means taking responsibility for the state of the place

This picture of a fly-tip in Mayfield Road, Croydon, was taken on Saturday 4th March as part of the Great British Spring Clean weekend. Over the course of the weekend, community groups from all over Croydon took to our parks and streets, supporting Keep Britain Tidy and helping, to borrow the hashtag, … Read More »

The emotional impact of fly-tipping

Posted on March 22nd, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 13 comments

The fly-tipping blame game is fun for politicians but misery for residents

I moved to West Croydon ten weeks after it was hit by the 2011 riots. Conflicted though my feelings on gentrification are, I know I’m playing a part in it. Still, whatever the area might one day become, I felt positively about my new home just as it was – a good choice for price, … Read More »

A truly frightening budget

Posted on March 6th, by Tim Pollard in Politics & Society. 22 comments

Conservative council group leader Tim Pollard has strong words for Croydon’s Labour council

On Monday 27th February, Croydon Council voted to pass a truly frightening budget. The highest council tax increase in London this year. The highest council tax ever paid in Croydon. The biggest mountain of debt ever seen in Croydon. The worst departmental overspend ever seen in Croydon.

On Monday evening, we heard howls … Read More »

The future of Fairfield Halls and College Green

Posted on June 14th, by Ian Marvin in Economics & Business. 5 comments

Ian Marvin wonders if all eyes are on Fairfield when they should be on the wider implications of the development

14th April presented something of a dilemma for anyone with an interest in the development of Croydon as a residential, commercial and cultural centre. Not only was there the ‘Changing the Face’ event organised under the auspices of the RSA (in full, the … Read More »

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Croydon

Posted on January 19th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Robert Ward couldn’t keep away from another story about rubbish, politics, and statistics

A recent story on street cleaning in Croydon combined street cleanliness, fairness, analysis and politics. Even two of them would have been hard for me to avoid, four was irresistible.

The report in the Croydon Advertiser told how Croydon Council had cut street cleaning in the south of the borough and increased it … Read More »

Croydon’s cuts begin to kick in

Posted on October 19th, by Sean Creighton in Politics & Society. 3 comments

As the election recedes and austerity bites, Sean Creighton asks what this means for Croydon

As cabinet member Simon Hall will tell today’s meeting of Croydon Council: “the government has continued its onslaught on local government generally and Croydon specifically.” He will detail over £11.1m cuts affecting unaccompanied asylum seeker children, no recourse to public funds issues, public health services and Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT).

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Croydon tackles flytipping – a progress report

Posted on February 18th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. No Comments

We all want cleaner streets. Robert Ward listened in as the council grappled with flytipping

For those of us with an interest in the vexed subject of fly-tipping, these are interesting times. A Croydon Council press release was followed up with a cabinet discussion in January. Since fly-tipping was a big issue in the last year’s council elections, I thought a review was due so … Read More »

Community champions boost fly-tipping crackdown

Posted on January 14th, by CronxWire in CronxWire. No Comments

Croydon locals are joining forces with Croydon Council to tackle the problems of fly-tipping and the dumping of rubbish, so we can all take pride in Croydon’s streets.

Release begins: More than 150 locals have now joined Croydon Council’s crackdown on fly-tipping and rubbish in the borough.

From young parents to pensioners, people from across the borough have signed up to become community champions for the … Read More »