Swan and Sugarloaf

Make yourself heard at this sociable foreign-language club

Posted on May 1st, by Barnaby Powell in Culture. No Comments

Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, benvenuto, willkommen to the Croydon Social Language Club!

Most of us Brits are monoglots – we can only speak our own language, which is English. Unless we have parents born overseas who have shared their native language with us, or we’ve taken the trouble or had the opportunity to learn other languages, we lack the ability to converse with those from other countries. Even … Read More »

Keen as mustard: South Croydon’s heritage, part 3

Posted on March 7th, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

In part three of his series, Sean Creighton continues to delve into the history of South Croydon to see what should be showcased in the Heritage Lottery Fund bid

Croydon’s urban expansion southwards enabled people to travel into London for work, and to run their businesses. One such business was the Mazawattee Tea Company set up by John Boon Densham (1814–1886). He lived in various … Read More »

How can we protect the heritage of Croydon’s pubs?

Posted on January 15th, by Sean Creighton in History. 4 comments

Sean Creighton explores the rich cultural and historical heritage that pubs have given us and is slowly being eroded

Over the last 18 months in Croydon The Ship of Fools on London Road has become a Sainsbury’s Local, the Swan & Sugarloaf a Tesco Express, Morrison’s has gone for the Red Deer in Brighton Road, and Aldi for the Red Lion. But it is not … Read More »