The Greyhound

We were the first band to vomit in the bar

Posted on November 16th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. 1 Comment

Like it or loathe it, the punk movement of the 1970s is a major part of Croydon’s cultural heritage

I don’t like punk rock, never have done and never will. It’s one of the few musical genres that I’ve lived through and was of an age to be involved in but I didn’t get it.

‘Musicians’ with pantomime names like Sid Vicious and Jonny Rotten and … Read More »

The view from Croydon: A tribute to David Bowie

Posted on January 18th, by Katie Rose in Culture. No Comments

In the latest in the Citizen’s occasional ‘The View From Croydon’ series, Katie Rose remembers the south London boy who made his life and death a work of art

For those of us who grew up in the last fifty years, David Bowie is woven into the soundtrack of our lives, whether you were a crazy punk, mad rocker or pixie-booted ’80s teen like me, captivated by … Read More »

How can we revitalise Croydon’s music scene?

Posted on November 13th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 28 comments

Jonny Rose beholds the death of the local music scene in Croydon, and envisions the resurrection

Croydon has lots of bands and lots of talent. The people I’ve spoken to work very hard to put on gigs that surprise and delight attendees. There are clearly distinct gatherings of Croydonians who enjoy the same music: you only have to go to The Ship to see how tight-knit … Read More »

“I cancelled the Sex Pistols.” Howard Bossick, former guvnor at the Greyhound, talks punk, smashed pianos and the music scene in 70s Croydon

Posted on April 29th, by Stephanie Darkes in Culture. 2 comments

Hawkwind, hell-raising and Croydon’s musical heyday, by the man who ran South London’s leading music venue

Howard Bossick, current owner of Bad Apple, former owner of Black Sheep Bar and the man who reprimanded the lead singer of Queen, was top dog at the Greyhound music venue in Park Lane from 1969 until 1977, just over the road from the Fairfield Halls. We talked about the music scene in Croydon, … Read More »