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Summer reading: ‘Terrible Lie’, the world’s first Cronx noir thriller, by Gareth Endean

Posted on August 22nd, by Paul M Ford in Culture. No Comments

Describing anything as ‘noir’ invites harsh comparison, says self-confessed Croydon nerd Paul M. Ford in the next of the Citizen’s series of summer reading reviews

‘Film noir’, a retro-actively applied label, covers a range of films released during the 1940s and ’50s, brooding in tone and with heavily shadowed visuals. Classically, but not exclusively, ‘noir’ features hard-boiled private detectives, cynical and world-weary, who encounter mysterious and alluring … Read More »

How can we revitalise Croydon’s music scene?

Posted on November 13th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. 28 comments

Jonny Rose beholds the death of the local music scene in Croydon, and envisions the resurrection

Croydon has lots of bands and lots of talent. The people I’ve spoken to work very hard to put on gigs that surprise and delight attendees. There are clearly distinct gatherings of Croydonians who enjoy the same music: you only have to go to The Ship to see how tight-knit … Read More »

Landlord-turned-film-maker shoots ghost story in historic Croydon pub

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Film buffs in Croydon will have the opportunity to see something unusual this weekend at four screenings of a new film shot in the Ship pub in Croydon High St. Landlord Dean Terry, who harnessed the dramatic talents of local theatre group The Breakfast Cats for the production – described as having ‘more than a few scary moments’ – will be screening it this Sunday 22nd June.

Time: 8pm, 9pm, … Read More »