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Fairfield belongs to the people, not the politicians

Posted on April 15th, by Andy Hylton in Politics & Society. 6 comments

Andy Hylton opposes the proposed two-year closure of the Fairfield Halls for refurbishment. Here he sets out his objections

When we started the Save Our Fairfield campaign in December 2015, our intention was to collect support from local citizens and keep the Fairfield Halls open and alive during the planned refurbishment. We were keen to make this campaign non- party political. In the same way that members … Read More »

Save Our Fairfield… from a slow and agonising death

Posted on April 14th, by Helen Hampton in Politics & Society. 5 comments

The director of Croydon Popchoir isn’t reassured by promises of a secure post-refurb future for the Fairfield Halls. Here she explains why

In the current arguments over the future of the Fairfield Halls, there are those who assert that we need have no fear: there is every intention for the halls to re-open. But even on the FAQ page of the council’s website the wording … Read More »