Thornton Heath

The Mussons of Bermuda, Barbados and Croydon

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Croydon’s links to colonised Bermuda and the West Indies

In January 2001, two portrait paintings sold together at auction – one of Samuel Paynter Musson and the other, of ‘Maid De-ah’, who had been “…the faithful and loving nurse of the Musson family in Barbados and England”. She had lived with the Mussons for several decades in Upper Norwood, prior to her death in 1914. Unfortunately, no … Read More »

Striving to help the Croydon community

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World Humanitarian Drive, a local charity, held a seminar in June to promote peace and wellbeing in the borough.

Release begins:

World Humanitarian Drive (WHD), a local Croydon charity striving for humanity, conducted a seminar called ‘Giving Hope to the Community’ recently at Haselmere Hall, Thornton Heath. A local audience were able to hear various professional speakers offer advice and guidance in the form of a panel discussion with questions and answers … Read More »

World Humanitarian Drive: striving for our community

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World Humanitarian Drive is holding a peace seminar in Thornton Heath on Saturday 30th June.

Release begins: World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) is a charity organisation founded by Abdul Basit Syed, a social activist from Croydon, who has won a number of prestigious peace awards for promoting peace and education internationally. WHD is a local charity to the Croydon area and beyond, whose mission is to promote humanity, … Read More »

A newcomer’s first impressions of Croydon

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The borough’s identity through the eyes of an outsider

Identity has always been crucial to people and places. Formal identification is needed for individuals to travel, pay for goods and even to rent a library book. Places like airports and docks have names or codes that distinguish their locations from others. These are all very practical, mechanical aspects of the word.

But in a much more … Read More »

Thornton Heath rallies for youth support in Croydon

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The community takes a stand against knife crime by promoting youth empowerment

The church was sweltering in the May heat, but the atmosphere inside was warm and inviting. Dozens of community members stood around their booths, talking with the adults and kids who had given up their Saturday afternoon on a bank holiday weekend to discuss youth empowerment. The people at the Thornton Heath Youth … Read More »

Standing up to knife crime in Croydon

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The local community must come together to find long-term solutions to this tragic problem

It’s always disheartening to hear or read about incidents of knife crime in the news, but when these incidents involve your neighbours, it’s not only devastating but worrying too. On 8th August 2017 Jermaine Goupall was brutally murdered. Jermaine’s death was the result of a rivalry between Croydon gang CR0 and Thornton Heath … Read More »

Croydon and chemical warfare in the First World War

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How the most brutal of weapons touched the lives of Croydon men

The Croydon roll of honour from the First World War identifies thirty-five cases of gas poisoning amongst Croydon men, with twenty-two direct fatalities, as a result of the gas warfare that was waged by the European belligerents and, later, the United States. Gas, used as a large-scale weapon for the first time, killed considerably less … Read More »

In the hills of Palestine: echoes from the First World War

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One hundred years on, battles from Croydon’s past overshadow Palestine’s future

Having captured Gaza, Beersheba and Jerusalem in 1917, by the spring of 1918 British forces fighting in the First World War Sinai & Palestine campaign had occupied southern Palestine and were ready to push up towards the Ottoman provinces of Syria, Lebanon and, also, into what is present-day Jordan. Amongst the West Indians, Indians, Jews, Arabs, … Read More »

How people power brought a wonderful community enterprise to Thornton Heath

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This Christmas sees the launch of a community market for CR7

The upcoming three-month trial of a new street market on Thornton Heath High Street (and the top of Brigstock Road) is welcome news. The organisers have insisted on a local ‘makers” focus, so it is mainly artisans’ wares and handcrafted goods made by local small businesses; think homemade jewellery, planters, children’s books and pieces of … Read More »

Bring them back: the Thornton Heath trolley dilemma

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How to solve the problem of trolleys being constantly taken…

Agatha Christie’s fictional character Miss Marple solved crimes using her experience in the small village of St Mary Mead. She used careful thinking on small issues as an analogy to inform herself on more serious problems. She understood a larger stage through the prism of local experience.

Had Miss Marple lived in Thornton Heath, she would … Read More »