Tim Pollard

A truly frightening budget

Posted on March 6th, by Tim Pollard in Politics & Society. 22 comments

Conservative council group leader Tim Pollard has strong words for Croydon’s Labour council

On Monday 27th February, Croydon Council voted to pass a truly frightening budget. The highest council tax increase in London this year. The highest council tax ever paid in Croydon. The biggest mountain of debt ever seen in Croydon. The worst departmental overspend ever seen in Croydon.

On Monday evening, we heard howls … Read More »

Should Croydon have a directly elected mayor?

Posted on March 23rd, by Max Shirley in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Max Shirley looks at Croydon’s current electoral model and suggests it might be time Croydon had a directly elected mayor

Every day we move closer to the next London Mayoral and Greater London Assembly elections, which are being held on 5th May. Current polls suggest that Labour candidate Sadiq Khan is in the lead, and has been since the summer. Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith has been sitting in a healthy second place … Read More »

Alphabetism is dominating Croydon

Posted on September 17th, by Robert Ward in Politics & Society. 2 comments

Robert Ward takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the patterns that might, in a Dan Brown novel, dictate Croydon’s destiny

I have for some time felt left out by not having a handy scapegoat for my failures (they can’t possibly be my fault, can they?). It was whilst looking through the ballot paper for the Labour leadership (not mine, I was rejected as a supporter by … Read More »

Croydon politicians should write more, not less

Posted on August 5th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Jonny Rose responds to calls to silence Tony Newman

The disgruntled outpouring in the comment sections of Councillor Tony Newman’s most recent article made for reading almost as interesting as the piece that spawned it.

Whilst the piece was a little overindulgent in its Tory-bashing – and rightfully called out as such – I took issue with some commenters’ requests that there should … Read More »

The Festive Gallery: The politics of Purley Pool

Posted on December 18th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 3 comments

‘Twas the week before Christmas and down south of the borough, Tom Black was researching and being quite thorough

Hark! The Angels Cannot Swim

Croydon Council has confirmed that Purley Leisure Centre, colloquially still known as ‘Purley Pool’ (we Croydonians are suckers for alliteration), is to close after a long period of dilapidation. The pool has been in a dire state for some time, with some … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Thirty-two Thursdays

Posted on September 18th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Tom Black starts the countdown clock on Election 2015 – but finds that the candidates have beaten him to it

Like many observers, I was unhappy about the Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2011. It seemed to be making a major constitutional change – fixing the exact dates of our elections in advance – for the sake of making sure Nick Clegg wouldn’t … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Adjusting to power (and to opposition)

Posted on June 12th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. No Comments

Labour is running our town again, for the first time since 2006. Tom Black looks at how the party is adjusting to its responsibilities and how the Conservatives are handling opposition

Labour claims a flying start on flytipping

Labour’s back. In more ways than one – the new cabinet contains faces familiar to those who watched the last Labour council, which left office in 2006, in … Read More »

Lean dreams in the dark

Posted on March 26th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Culture. No Comments

Why did the little cinema in Katharine Street Croydon refuse to die?

9AM, Monday February 24th 2014. A procession of early arrivals at the Croydon Visitor Centre discovers that you can’t, after all, purchase tickets there for the New David Lean’s re-opening. People’s frustration really shows, and the number of early-morning callers and the extent of their disappointment tell a powerful story. Why did the … Read More »

The Public Gallery: Rubbish, reports and regionalism

Posted on February 13th, by Tom Black in Politics & Society. 5 comments

Tom Black returns with a look at the report into north Croydon’s streets and an assessment of the ‘two Croydons’ phenomenon

Street cleans are made of… this, apparently

Last Thursday saw the publication of the long-awaited report from the Croydon North Streets Commission, chaired by Nero Ughwujabo. Our very own Liz Sheppard-Jones was at the launch, though a combination of sniffles and paper distribution … Read More »

Why Croydon should protect spending on schools’ music

Posted on January 2nd, by Sean Creighton in Culture. 2 comments

‘Music is a vital part of our identity. With music, we can celebrate our heritage and share the heritage of others’

This enlightened view is supported by Cllr Tim Pollard in approving the publication of the July issue of the council’s Step Up newsletter.

Last December more than 1,000 children were at Fairfield Halls when an orchestra of Croydon Music & Arts (CMA) staff and senior students demonstrated the … Read More »