Coherent education policy for Croydon, or moving the chairs on the Titanic?

Posted on December 3rd, by Charlotte Davies in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Problems in Croydon’s schools are well-established by the end of the primary years. What can be done? asks education consultant Charlotte Davies

Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping once famously said: “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” The structure of educational institutions does not matter so long as the children are educated.

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Our modern heritage: why Croydon’s concrete architecture should be admired

Posted on June 11th, by Tom Lickley in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

As Croydon’s Heritage Festival approaches, Tom Lickley looks at a different kind of historic building – those made from concrete. How can our soaring modernist towers contribute to the town’s future?

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”

“Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless.”

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Why UNESCO should declare Croydon Airport a World Heritage Site

Posted on June 9th, by Ian Walker in History. 3 comments

The time has come to celebrate Croydon’s pivotal role in the history of aviation. Ian Walker, Chair of Croydon Airport Society, explains why Croydon Airport deserves to become a World Heritage Site

UNESCO, World Heritage, Croydon – words not often seen together in the same sentence. What does Croydon have that puts it on a par with the other 981 United Nations Educational Scientific … Read More »

Taras Shevchenko: The poet of Ukrainian freedom

Posted on February 25th, by Sean Creighton in History. 1 Comment

As the recent events in Ukraine throw the country into turmoil, Sean Creighton looks at the life of a Ukrainian poet who fought for the freedom of his country using words

A few years before he set up home in Upper Norwood, the African American actor Ira Aldridge toured Russia in 1858 and 1859. Among those who reacted to his acting with rapture was ‘the … Read More »