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Review: Limitless VR

Posted on April 6th, by James Naylor in Culture. No Comments

The many realities of Croydon’s new VR bar

Croydon High Street has seen a real resurgence of late that stands in stark contrast to the gradual decline of the Whitgift Centre and the surrounding area. While Croydon’s dominant shopping area has continued its slow decline as it awaits the ever elusive Westfield development, the high street has become, in only a couple of years, a somewhat unlikely … Read More »

Virtual Reality Croydon

Posted on July 6th, by Max Shirley in Culture. 1 Comment

Croydon hasn’t got many claims to video game fame, but there may be more than you expect. Max Shirley boots up

Video games: the ever growing artistic medium in which the player has the ability to interact and experience a world created for them. Croydon: the urban town we all live and work in. Video games and Croydon – two things that take up the majority of my … Read More »