Can’t give any more: volunteer fatigue in Croydon (part 1)

Posted on June 28th, by Liz Sheppard-Jones in Politics & Society. 4 comments

Is Croydon taking its volunteers for granted?

“There are things that you do because it’s your passion, that you truly believe will make a difference. The Big Society [expands] the great work of volunteers.” (David Cameron, former Prime Minister, 2010).

“The Big Society is about getting more for less.” (Eric Pickles, former Secretary of State for Housing and Local Government, 2010)

“This is a 19th-century … Read More »

Young Enterprise is changing in Croydon – get involved!

Posted on June 1st, by Nigel Davey in Economics & Business. No Comments

Why working with young people on their business ideas is so rewarding

In case you’re not aware of what Young Enterprise is, it’s a charity enabling young people to learn by setting up and running their own business. Normally the participants are in year 11 (the lower sixth, for those of us who are a certain age), but it can include year 10 students as well.

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The Fairfield Collection reminisces on Croydon’s entertainment history

Posted on June 29th, by Angela Lord in History. No Comments

How a collection of documents and memorabilia is keeping Fairfield Hall’s vibrant history alive

When Croydon’s Fairfield Halls opened in the swinging sixties, it was the place to be. It was where the Beatles sang “Please Please Me” and Princess Margaret brought her young son on a secret visit to the circus.

Schoolgirls swooned at the sight of their idols on stage. Eric Clapton and The … Read More »

Learning to love where you live – even if it’s Croydon

Posted on November 3rd, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 3 comments

A guide to self-acceptance for anyone who remains embarrassed to be a citizen of Croydon

I love Croydon. I love it so much that I set up a fashion label to celebrate it. But – incredibly – it turns out that not everyone shares my sentiments.

It’s indisputable that Croydon has become a much more exciting and vibrant place to live in the past few years: we … Read More »

Some new year resolutions for Croydon

Posted on January 4th, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 1 Comment

Don’t buy new trainers just yet – Jonny Rose suggests alternative new year resolutions

I don’t normally go in for new years resolutions. They’re onerous, rarely realised, and – with their implicit suggestion that all you need to do be a better person is try harder – are anti-thetical to all that I believe.

However, no doubt there will be some of you … Read More »

Ten weeks to change a life

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Chris Gaisie reports on Croydon-based youth charity Reachin’ Higher’s trip to Bolivia

To explore is written on the hearts of us all. As children we relentlessly break the confines of our world, trading in the safety of the known for the unknown. Whilst this adventurer spirit can somewhat fade as we grow older, the yearning to discover more is always with us. It makes sense … Read More »

6,000 miles to Bolivia

Posted on July 17th, by Chris Gaisie in Politics & Society. No Comments

Chris Gaisie, currently in Bolivia, explains the global impact young and old Croydonians alike can have

On July 7th 2013 I, along with thirteen other eager volunteers aged 18-25, travelled roughly 6,000 miles to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where we’ll be staying for the next ten weeks. This is far from an extended holiday though; as part of the ICS Tearfund scheme, we’re working alongside local charities to … Read More »