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Croydon in the ‘roaring ’20s’ remembered

Posted on August 3rd, by Freda Beaven in History. 3 comments

Local girl Freda Beaven grew up in Croydon in the ’20s. In these extracts from her memoir, she remembers life in a very different time…

My grandparents lived in the elegant house known as Laurel Villa, 93 St James’s Road, Croydon. This has now been modernised with little respect for its original character. When I knew it there were front iron railings and a front gate into … Read More »

How you can help Croydon Refugee Day Centre

Posted on October 11th, by Rosie Edser in Politics & Society. 3 comments

Refugees welcome here: a smile and a helping hand from Croydon to some of the most desperate people on Earth

Whether your local school sings about fluffy cauliflowers, ploughing fields or that samba song that rhymes vegetable with festival, chances are it’s had a letter from Croydon Refugee Day Centre asking whether it would like to donate its harvest festival goodies.

Those car boot-fulls of baked … Read More »

46 reasons to be thankful for Christians in Croydon

Posted on March 21st, by Jonny Rose in Politics & Society. 13 comments

Jonny Rose sings the praises of his fellow believers in Croydon

Every year since 2012, in advance of Lent, a small green booklet entitled 46 Days of Prayer is circulated in Croydon churches which details a few of the ways in which local churches are working together to serve and bless Croydon and its people.

Apparently in London you’re never more than six feet … Read More »