West Croydon Station

The new timetable will radically change Croydon’s rail services

Posted on April 11th, by Charles King in Politics & Society. 11 comments

The new timetable will affect virtually all stations in Croydon in dramatic ways, if it can be delivered

Last month, the CEO of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTW) Charles Horton stated in the Metro that the new GTR timetable starting on 20th May 2018 will benefit passengers by providing greater capacity, more trains and new destinations, making capacity “capable of carrying the entire population of Bristol every week”.

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How traditional apple-pressing led to a new piece of street art for West Croydon

Posted on December 4th, by Andrew Dickinson in Culture. No Comments

Taking a bite out of Croydon’s street-art scene

This is a lovely community story, which brings together art, heritage and apple-pressing, and shows how they can work together to make Croydon a more beautiful place.

So there you are doing Croydon community stuff, sharing skills, knowledge, heritage, health, preventing waste, promoting community cohesion and being out in the fresh air enjoying a freshly pressed cup of … Read More »

West Croydon station: fast-track the feelgood factor…

Posted on October 31st, by Vanessa Nicholson in Politics & Society. 2 comments

…with this green-fingered community garden initiative

If you’ve passed through West Croydon train station recently, you may have noticed some changes on the platforms. Friends of West Croydon Station Energy Garden – a group of local volunteers – is working with Croydon Transition Town, Broad Green Residents Association and other community organisations, to bring an energy garden to Croydon.

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Get your Citizen here!

Posted on December 9th, by The Croydon Citizen in Site News. 2 comments

Exciting times for the Croydon Citizen, with more copies now available and new dispensers at central Croydon stations

This Christmas the Croydon Citizen celebrates its third birthday and two years since we went into print – and what a three years it’s been. We’ve recruited over 180 keen citizen contributors, distributed an unbelievable 210,000 papers, and gained 60 distribution points right across the borough from Crystal Palace to … Read More »

12–14 London Road: H & T Pawnbrokers and Ladbrokes

Posted on March 29th, by Kake in History. 2 comments

Kake’s tour of London Road moves on to the 1920s architecture at numbers 12–14.

As of 2013, 12 London Road is a branch of H&T Pawnbrokers, the pawnbroker and payday loan shop chain, and 14 London Road is a Ladbrokes betting shop. Given the intertwined history of these addresses, I’ve decided to cover them in the same article. Although now occupied by separate businesses, the premises were constructed as … Read More »

2-8 London Road, part 4: West Croydon Station today

Posted on February 1st, by Kake in History. 2 comments

Kake’s tour of London Road skips past the non-existent number 8 to make its final visit to West Croydon Station.

As explained earlier in this series, numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 London Road no longer exist — so instead of writing about 8 London Road, here I present the final instalment of my research into West Croydon Station, covering developments in the 2000s and looking at the role … Read More »

2-8 London Road, part 3: West Croydon Station in the 1900s

Posted on January 4th, by Kake in History. 3 comments

Kake’s tour of London Road takes another diversion past the non-existent number 6, to look at the major 20th century developments affecting West Croydon Station.

As I discussed earlier in this series, West Croydon was Croydon’s first railway station. Opened in 1839, it initially ran services up to London Bridge, and extensions were built later the same century running down to Epsom and Wimbledon. Together with East Croydon Station … Read More »

2-8 London Road, part 2: West Croydon Station in the 1800s

Posted on December 14th, by Kake in History. 3 comments

In the absence of 4 London Road, Kake’s tour takes a small diversion to the creation of Croydon’s first railway station.

As discussed earlier in this series, 2-8 London Road no longer exist — so while my schedule would suggest that today I should be writing about 4 London Road, instead I’m going to cover the genesis and initial years of West Croydon Station.


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2-8 London Road, part 1: Street numbers and the lack thereof

Posted on November 30th, by Kake in History. No Comments

Kake’s tour of London Road continues with an investigation of why 2 London Road no longer exists.

Last week I wrote about 1 London Road, so given the rules of this series, today I should be writing about 2 London Road. But I can’t — because like numbers 4, 6, and 8, it doesn’t exist. Why not?

The brief (and even mostly accurate) answer is “because West Croydon station is … Read More »