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Charity launches new video to promote how it is #HelpingCroydon

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The Whitgift Foundation has released a video to raise awareness of its work, emphasising its schools, support for carers, and jobs in the local area. The video can be viewed here.

Release begins: The Whitgift Foundation has launched a new video as part of its #HelpingCroydon campaign to raise awareness of the charity’s work by showcasing how it helps thousands of people in the Croydon community every day.

As … Read More »

Event review: Croydon’s evolution

Posted on July 14th, by Charles Barber in History. 11 comments

Dodgy microphones did not spoil an engaging and detailed journey through the borough’s varied and innovative history, but where were the audience questions?

The banqueting hall of the Old Palace School was an appropriately historical location for a discussion on the evolution of Croydon. Expertly hosted by James Naylor, who was a combination of both chairman and compere, the evening consisted of a guided … Read More »

Croydon Heritage Festival 2017 announces ‘evolution’ as its theme

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The festival returns to Croydon in 2017, with a programme designed to bring together past and future.

Release begins: There is nowhere quite like Croydon. As the town embarks on the most significant era of redevelopment since the 1960s, Croydon Heritage Festival will explore how it has evolved to become the place that it is today. The journey is a tale of innovation – from Roman saffron farms to … Read More »

It’s time for Croydon to get carer-friendly

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It’s Carers’ Week. Let’s use it to tell the world why they matter, says Amy Deakin

There are an estimated 34,000 carers in Croydon. Carers are the hidden support network of our community, providing unpaid support to a relative, friend or neighbour who needs more help due to disability, illness or age. But who are they?

Carers come from all walks of life. You might be … Read More »

The reality of being a Croydon carer

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While many carers’ support services are being cut or closed down, they are needed more than ever, says Loren Dixon

As I failed to find this word in my miniature dictionary, I searched online and found the definition as of a carer as: ‘a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or sick, elderly, or disabled person’. My online dictionary added … Read More »

Watching out for Croydon’s interests in parliamentary legislation

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Westminster’s not so remote – its decisions matter very close to home, says Sean Creighton

Reform to the riot damages legislation is one of several bills in the current parliamentary session with particular relevance to us Croydonians. Therefore we and our organisations may wish to take a view and lobby our MPs, the bill committees and members of the House of Lords.

Bills of … Read More »

What are the challenges facing Croydon’s communities?

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Let’s work together, says Sean Creighton

Here in Croydon as elsewhere we tend to look at local issues separately, and do not always see the cumulative effects. The Croydon TUC working party’s analysis of the council’s Growth Plan last year and my evidence to the Whitgift Centre CPO inquiry were attempts to look at a series of interconnected issues. The borough’s Opportunity and … Read More »

Open buildings revealed for 2015 Croydon Heritage Festival

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The Whitgift Foundation, organiser of the Croydon Heritage Festival which returns from Saturday 20 June to Sunday 28 June 2015,  has revealed the highlights of this year’s Open Building tours.

Release begins: Many of Croydon’s most iconic buildings will be open for public tours as part of this summer’s week-long celebration, with the theme Famous Croydon. They include Croydon Airport, once the world’s biggest international airport frequented … Read More »

March in brief

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The big events of last month, on one handy page

Boxpark Croydon designs revealed

After rumours about the trendy Shoreditch retailer became a reality in last month’s news roundup, plans and designs for the site have been announced. The store (pictured above) is promised to provide 200 jobs, and will open in early 2016. It will be built on the land behind the Croydon Visitor Centre … Read More »

Happy Chinese New Year, Croydon! Love from Hale Man, artist-in-residence

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Liz Sheppard-Jones has a go at visualising Croydon’s Five Elements of Transformation – water, earth, wood, metal and fire

The Whitgift Centre‘s artist-in-residence, Hale Man, hosted her artistic celebration of Chinese New Year on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February, with workshops and guided tours in her ground floor studio, close to the centre’s information point. On Sunday afternoon, I took a tour as part of a … Read More »