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“Theatre Utopia has finally produced a play that I like”: a review of Method in Madness

Posted on October 25th, by Jonny Rose in Culture. No Comments

The third time’s the charm for Theatre Utopia and Jonny Rose

They did it. They finally did.

After being suckered by Stan and left bemused by Black Beauty in Irons, Theatre Utopia has finally done it – produced a play that I like.

Life imitates art, art becomes life

Method in Madness takes place in London in 1941, and follows a young Hollywood … Read More »

From Agincourt to Croydon?

Posted on November 20th, by Sean Creighton in Culture. 2 comments

We few, we happy few, we band of… Croydonians? Sean Creighton dares to dream

In September 2015, Croydon councillor and GLA representative Steve O’Connell invited a French journalist to have a meal with him and drink a toast to the English victory at the battle of Agincourt. He was responding to the journalist’s ‘disparaging remarks’ about Croydon during September’s rugby world cup, when the team was based … Read More »