Young Mayor

My hopes and fears for Croydon’s young mayor

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What can our young mayor hope to achieve for the community?

So there I was, sitting in my choir busily thumbing the pages of my songbook when, suddenly, a leaflet was thrust into my hands.

I turned to see my good friend, grinning in my face, saying “My William is standing for young mayor… tell everyone to vote for him”. Given that I was about thirty … Read More »

William Awomoyi is elected Croydon’s first Young Mayor

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Shea Williams is elected deputy Young Mayor

William Awomoyi, 14, from The Cedars School was announced as Croydon’s first Young Mayor last night. The election results were read to a packed crowd at the town hall.

“I get tired when people say, ‘What can we do for the young people?’ No, no, no, no. We have to hear what do they want to do, and let’s … Read More »

How local young people, politicians, and educators view youth political involvement in Croydon

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Youth voter turnout has been low in the last decade

In the last decade, London’s largest youth borough has seen low voter turnout amongst its youth population.

Youth voter turnout in Croydon mirrors a similar occurrence national elections have recently seen as well. According to the British Election Study’s 2015 daily rolling election campaign data, in England during the general election, out of the 917 … Read More »

Croydon’s first Young Mayor election is underway after campaign launch

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A total of 28 candidates aged 14-17 are running for the title

Young Mayor candidates in Croydon, London’s largest youth borough, are now officially campaigning after they unveiled their manifestos at a campaign launch.

The Young Mayor is elected for one year, and they will represent over 37,000 young people. In order to stand, candidates have to live in or go to school, college or … Read More »