My first Croydon summer

By - Tuesday 8th September, 2015

Charles B. Wordsmith reflects on his first taste of summer in the Cronx

Coombe Wood in high summer. Photo author’s own.

I am still a bit of a new boy as regards being a resident of Croydon, having only arrived this spring. Yet somewhat surprisingly for a lover of the natural world, I am slowly coming to love this southern outer section of London’s urban jungle. I thought therefore that I’d try to write a poem that would celebrate just a few of the good things that went on here this summer.

My First Croydon Summer

Sadly I missed the rooftop cinema
For I didn’t see the ads at Ruskin Square,
But dancing to a cool, positive rap duo
With my tolerant daughter
At the Ambition Festival
Was one of the highlights of my summer.

I was also very pleased to play table tennis,
And to discover the delights of Coombe Wood,
And to wander through the long, insect rich
Grasses at Lloyd Park.

It was great to see some Banksy prints
Displayed at the Rise gallery,
Yet I couldn’t help wishing,
That I was still young and rebellious enough
To spraypaint a pointed sign
On an abandoned building,
Advertising the Master
Of Humorous Subversion.

The facade of Grants department store today. Photo author’s own.

Glad I was also able
To take a walking tour of Croydon,
As part of the Heritage Festival,
To admire and learn a bit more
About some of Croydon’s finest buildings,
Of which Grants speaks most to me.
It seems to tell of a time
When quality was what mattered most,
Though of course such quality
Was limited only
To the lucky few.

We cannot go back in time,
Nor in many ways would I want to,
But we can learn from the past,
Celebrate the present,
And work and play together
To build a better Croydon.

Charles B. Wordsmith

Charles B. Wordsmith

A newcomer to Croydon, currently trying to publish a book and find gainful employment within the Croydonian urban jungle.

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