Advertise with the Citizen

The Croydon Citizen’s monthly news magazine is a great way for local business to reach a valuable audience that cares about the local community

We provide a series of valuable advertising opportunities in our printed local news magazine. A combination of quality content and careful targeting makes the Croydon Citizen a great environment for advertisers – getting their products and services in front of a desirable, unique audience at very competitive rates.

You can read more about the publication below and see previous issues of the publication here on the site. Contact us at or call us on 0203 105 0565 to talk about your advertising needs.

The publication

The Citizen‘s printed edition is a free monthly news magazine full of analysis and comment on topical issues. The Citizen only produces premium content – both online and offline –  but articles for the news magazine are hand-picked for their topicality, exceptional quality and ability to engage an audience. This makes for a very high-attention reading experience.

The design standard of the publication is also very high. It has a clean, well-proportioned, neutral style that is both a pleasure to read and a perfect backdrop to bright, colourful but tasteful advertising: the perfect environment for quality advertisers.

You can see examples of this high-quality design in previous issues.

The Citizen’s audience

The content of the Citizen is interesting to an engaged, self-selecting audience. This audience is primarily reached by a highly-targeted approach to distribution in community facilities.

Larger numbers of smaller premium locations such as coffee shops, bars, pubs, gyms, hotels, business centres, civic and religious facilities have been preferred over fewer, larger locations that are merely high footfall. At the launch of each issue, a substantial portion is also given to commuters, reaching central London workers who may, at present, feel disengaged from what’s going on in Croydon.

Citizen readers take a great interest in politics, society and world affairs. We expect them to be more involved and interested in their community than average and more interested in supporting local business – because it  tangibly supports the local area. “Think global, act local” may be a guiding axiom for some readers.

The Citizen’s circulation and readership are not yet independently audited but we distribute a total of 15,000 copies each edition. We assume a conservative RPC (readers per copy) of 2.0 for a total readership of 30,000 based on the publication type and the distribution channels we use.

Design service

Don’t have an advert yet or want something better tailored to the Citizen’s audience? No problem.

We provide a high-quality in-house design service to any clients who don’t already have assets of their own. Adverts are designed specifically to stand out while remaining tastefully in keeping with the Citizen’s restrained, tasteful style. Contact us at or call 0203 105 0565 for examples.

Rates, sizes & technical information

The Citizen news magazine is presented in an easy-to-read, readily recyclable tabloid format, printed on full-colour 52gsm newsprint. It currently carries display advertising in four formats (pricing as of January 2016):

  • Eighth page   268x42mm (landscape)  £95
  • Quarter page  134x166mm (portrait) £175
  • Quarter page 268x83mm (landscape) £175
  • Half page 268x166mm (landscape) £295
  • Full page 268x332mm  (portrait) £575
  • Double page spread  563x332mm (landscape) £1,050
  • 4 page supplement  4 full pages at 268x332mm £1,950

Have something more unusual in mind? Please email us or call us on 0203 105 0565 .

Digital advertising

We don’t currently provide advertising opportunities on our website. But if you have a specific proposal in mind, please get in touch.