EVENT: #Croydon #TechCity Season Finale @MatthewsYard – 7.30pm Thurs July 18th

By - Friday 5th July, 2013

Croydon Tech City chief Jonny Rose unveils the lineup for the movement’s next big event at Matthews Yard – a celebration of its first nine months and a vision of the team’s plans


After nine months of Croydon Tech City, July’s event will mark the finale of what has been a roller-coaster season as Croydon made it’s first steps to become ‘the Silicon Valley of South London’.

Come down and celebrate with us as we profile the best in South London’s tech scene and take a peak about what the team has in store when we reconvene in Autumn!

Sarah Akwisombe – Founder, We Are The Million

We Are The Million is a new crowd-funding platform founded by Sarah Akwisombe.

Sarah’s new venture has already seen rapid take-up across South London including sponsoring local micro-brewery The Cronx Brewery.

However, there is a host of other success stories that we will hear about on the night – and if you are a tech start-up looking for funding, Sarah may well be able to help you out!

Mike Orchard on Skills Hive and disrupting the recruitment industry

Mike Orchard spent fifteen years in the corporate world before realizing he could set out on his own and do things better himself.

He is now the mastermind of Skills Hive, a recruitment software start-up that seeks to disrupt the recruitment industry by looking at how gamification and virtual collaboration can make the process more rewarding for both job-seekers and prospective employers.

Croydon Tech City team – Where we are going to take Croydon 2013/2014

The Croydon Tech City Team: (clockwise from top left) Nigel Dias, Andrea Holmes, Sarah Luxford and Jonny Rose

After a rollercoaster ride of nine months, Croydon Tech City has grown as a team, a community, and as a culture.

Over the course of the evening the Croydon Tech City team will be taking stock of the past few months looking at highlights and successes, and – more importantly – where we intend to take the movement over the course of 2013 and into 2014.

Whether you are a developer, VC, tech founder or just an interested local – there will be something for everyone on the night and opportunity to meet with some of Croydon’s most exciting and dynamic personalities.

If you would like to attend, please sign up on Facebook here or .

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose is a committed Christian who has lived in the Croydon area for nearly twenty years. He is an active participant in his local community, serving at Grace Vineyard Church and organising Purley Breakfast Club, and was ranked "Croydon's 37th most powerful person" by the Croydon Advertiser (much to his amusement). He owns a lead generation company. He is the Head of Content at marketing technology company Idio, the founder of the Croydon Tech City movement, a LinkedIn coach, and creator of Croydon's first fashion label, Croydon Vs The World. Working on Instagram training and a Linkedin lead generation service. Views are his own, but it would be best for all concerned if you shared them. Please send your fanmail to: jonnyrose1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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