ANNOUNCEMENT: The Croydon Citizen is going into print!

By - Friday 29th November, 2013

After a year online, The Croydon Citizen will produce a monthly, printed news magazine – but we need your help

Tonight, two days shy of our first anniversary, we announced that The Croydon Citizen will soon appear in print, in the format of a monthly news magazine.

Characterised by the same community passion and variety of content you’ve come to expect from the site, the magazine will focus on the very best thought-provoking content that our citizens have to offer. It will feature entirely new pieces, print exclusives and topical content from our already considerable archive.

Distributed at key locations around Croydon, the Citizen’s reach will be wider than ever, introducing an entirely new group of people to our unique content: the depth of analysis, intelligence of debate and promotion of the great things that ordinary Croydon people are doing to transform their communities. Most importantly  of all, we hope it will allow us to recruit more citizens than ever. By reaching out to an even larger section of Croydon’s community, we hope an entirely new cohort of writers can be inspired to join the debate and become new contributors to the publication.

In the interests of professionalizing the operation, and formalizing our role as a social enterprise, we have formed a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

The Citizen needs you 

To make this magazine a reality, we need your help to fund the first edition.

To produce the first run, we need our printing, distribution and start-up costs covered. This will allow us to present an established, high quality, well-circulated publication to prospective advertisers; many of whom could be reticent to advertise in the first few editions of the new publication.

To this end, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on fellow Croydon start-up platform “We Are the Million” to raise the £2,000 we estimate that we require. The campaign features a range of fun and useful rewards for the kind readers that support us.

Anything you can provide is a huge help. Every £5 brings this one step closer to reality and more will help us survive in what is sure to be the difficult first few months of publication.

As always, the Citizen is what you, the people of Croydon make it. With your help, we can make it real on paper, as well as online. 

For more information, including advertising and distribution

opportunities, please contact Tom Lickley
The Croydon Citizen

The Croydon Citizen

The Croydon Citizen is a non-profit community news magazine for London's most populous borough.

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  • Susan Oliver

    This is incredible news. An exciting venture and a major boost for Croydon. May the force be with you!