Croydon College students collaborate to write a crime thriller in just five days

By - Monday 23rd June, 2014

A group of Croydon College students has written a 40,000 word crime thriller – tackling cyber bullying and blackmail – in five days. Students say they’ve enjoyed the experience, while TooManyCooks, the group that ran the project, has described the process as “wonderful to watch.”

Image by Croydon College. Used with permission.

Release begins: A group of Croydon College students have just proved that when it comes to imagination they wrote the book – literally!

For the group has written and published a 40,000-word crime thriller in just five days – in partnership with the TooManyCooks voluntary project.

TooManyCooks aims to train teachers and youth leaders to run literacy camps. They give a group an idea for a story then the students storyboard and draft the idea, before writing the whole novel as a group.

The Croydon students were given the task of writing a thriller, set in London, aimed at the teenage fiction market, highlighting issues surrounding blackmail and cyber bullying.

The experience left one of the group nothing short of amazed. “It was difficult at times but overall this has been such a good experience,” said A-Level English Literature student Brandon White, 20. “To be able to say that we’ve written a whole novel in under a week feels amazing.”

And Joe Reddington from TooManyCooks, who worked with the students throughout the week, added: “It’s been really enjoyable to work with this group of students, fantastic to watch them all gel with one another.

“It’s was interesting to see how they pieced together the narrative and they’ve been so creative. The story we have isn’t from one mind; it’s instead a combination of sub-plots which have come together. The students have really weaved them together in a beautiful way; it’s been wonderful to watch.”

Release ends.

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