Croydon Council launches Cycle Alert initiative

By - Thursday 19th March, 2015

Members of the public are being encouraged by Croydon Council to fit Cycle Alert tags onto their bikes, available online via the Cycle Alert website, or via the council and through various local bike shops, for free.

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Release begins: Croydon Council has announced it will be trialling new vehicle technology Cycle Alert in a pilot project on Council HGVs.

The news comes in the wake of another London cycling fatality, again attributed to a large goods vehicle. As Croydon’s own regeneration project gets underway, Croydon Council is keen to put a focus on cycle safety.

Cllr Kathy Bee, Croydon Council’s cabinet member for transport and the environment, said: “This council is always looking for new ways to protect our residents, so we’re proud to be piloting a technology that makes Croydon roads even safer and will hopefully encourage more people to get on their bikes.”

Carole Crankshaw, Regeneration Development and Environment Department Senior Transport Planner and Biking Borough Program Manager of Croydon Council said, “As the number of cyclists in Croydon increases, we must ensure that we are doing everything we can to help keep them safe, to educate and to provide the necessary tools for safe urban cycling.

“By piloting Cycle Alert in addition to all the other vehicle safety measures we have put in place under the FORS scheme, we are pioneering a safer Croydon for cyclists.”

Cycle Alert has already attracted widespread coverage as a new addition to the cycle safety mix, which relies on both cyclist and HGV to participate in the responsibility of improved visibility, most recently with the Evening Standard’s citing of it as a ‘standout’ piece of cycle technology.

Cycle Alert forms an additional piece of safety equipment that requires collaboration between both cyclist and driver. The cyclist affixes a tag to their cycle or helmet, and this communicates with a vehicle unit inside the driver’s cab, facilitating a direct alert from the cyclist to the driver.

Peter Le Masurier, Cycle Alert founder says, “It comes up time and time again, the issue of road user ‘tribes’ and a lack of accountability. Cycle Alert aims to help tackle those dogmas and opens the door to mutual respect on our roads.”

To support the launch, Croydon cyclists are invited to attend an Exchanging Places event, in conjunction with Metropolitan Police Service on Tuesday 24th March at North End Road from 7.30am – 10.00am. Cycle Alert technology will be on display with a council vehicle and members of the public can obtain their free cycle tags.

The public will also have the opportunity to explore the inside of an HGV for themselves, in order to recognise the limitations of the driver and encourage safer cycle practice, have their cycles marked with theft preventative Bike Register for free and obtain free bike maintenance checks with Have Bike.

For more information, please contact: Danni Lapham Mob: 07841 779 919 | Email:

Release ends.

Release sender: Cycle Alert.



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