Interview with Richie Hudson, organiser of Croydon Rocks

By - Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Richie Hudson is bringing a festival of rock to Croydon, and it’s a big one

Richie Hudson – bringing big time rock back to Croydon.
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Cash strapped times, global uncertainty – surely not the right time to bring a two-day rock festival to Croydon?

The town’s Time Bomb Studio owner Richie Hudson thinks otherwise.

Along with Pete Wall, Richie has organised Croydon Rocks,  a gig the like of which hasn’t been seen before in Croydon, and which, given a fair wind and plenty of support, could see Croydon firmly back on the rock music map.

TMRW will be hosting the festival

More than twenty bands will be rocking out over two days (2nd and 3rd December) – a big enterprise, but not the biggest that Richie has organised.

He explained: “I’ve run tattoo conventions at the Fairfield halls with over 1,000 people in attendance, so by comparison this was pretty comfortable – the only problem was finding the right sized venue to make it worthwhile”.

TMRW at 75-77 High Street will host the festival – an ideal size, according to Richie.

“There will be some pretty heavy rock, but it’s not a headbanger’s convention”

“It will be a big gig but it needs to be manageable as well, and TMRW is perfect – that’s not to say that we might not do something bigger next year”, added Richie, who continued: “It’s the biggest thing in Croydon since, well, forever really, but I’ve got music in my blood and it was something that I really wanted to do to put Croydon back on the rock circuit map”.

Both days of the festival boast an eclectic mix of music, allowing people to dip in and out as they wish.

“There will be some pretty heavy rock, but it’s not a headbanger’s convention, we’ve got acoustic bands, punk, keyboard driven bands, a good variety”, said Richie, who had no trouble filling the bill.

“On Saturday we have The Ramonas headlining. They are an all girl punk bank with loads of attitude”

“We had the pick of more than 100 bands – gigs of this size are difficult to get anywhere, so it didn’t surprise me that we got a huge amount of interest – in less than 24 hours we were fully booked.”

“On Saturday we have The Ramonas headlining. They are an all girl punk bank with loads of attitude. They last played Croydon about seven years ago and they were mad keen to come again. We are delighted to have them.”

“On Sunday we have New York’s Warrior Soul headlining. They are a huge name band with a cult following and they are fronted by Kory Clarke. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich reckons that Kory should be considered one of the greatest rock stars of all time, which is huge praise. This is Warrior Soul’s only gig in the London area this year, and it coincides with the release of their new album, so it should be quite a party.”

“We’ve got some great bands locally and they deserve to be on a big stage”

The Croydon rock community has really pulled together for this festival, with Rock Bottom providing the PA and local sound engineers providing the mixing skills.

Our own local favourites haven’t been forgotten either, with Tenyson, Mordecai, Lit Like Vegas, Blind River, Brothers In Chains and the Asif Outlaws taking well deserved spots over the two days.

“We’ve got some great bands locally and they deserve to be on a big stage. We want to do something that’s good for Croydon from every angle”, explained Richie.

Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation will also be benefitting from the festival, with local pubs The Ship, The Green Dragon, The Odd Shoe and The Bad Apple hosting post-gig parties.

“We have our own licensed bar, but I’m sure people will want to go and explore our ‘locals’ as well, especially after the gigs have finished”, concluded Richie.

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